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1959 Yalls beach boys

This photograph of boys and their boards was taken at Yallingup beach in 1959. Left to right is Ray Nelmes, Brian Cole, Jim Keenan, Des Gaines, Len Burke, John Budge and Artie Taylor. Love the homemade boards! Photo courtesy of Brian Cole.

1959 Yalls beach boys & boards R Nelmes, B Cole, J Keenan, D Gaines, L Burke, J Budge, A Taylor - unknown picA

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  1. Hi Doc. BC appreciated your comments. You were a bit of a shaping guru yourself back in the early 60s. City Beach grommets Barry Day & Norm Kitson bought their first boards off you and they still talk about your balsa shapes.

  2. Peter Docherty

    That board of Brian’s is my favourite board of all time. Trevor Cole used to leave it in the City Beach SLSC boatshed and it was “borrowed” a lot by our cohort of gremmies. Super elegant plan shape burned into my consciousness all these years later. Good on you Black Nackers.

  3. Feedback on some surfboards in BC’s photo. John Budge (2nd from right) made his red Nirvana surfboard (approx 9ft) at home from Balsa wood (balsa blank possibly purchased from Boans). Brian Cole (2nd from left) made his triple stringer surfboard (approx 8ft) at home. He used polystyrene (coolite foam), added 3 plywood stringers for strength & glassed with epoxy resin. These boys were ahead of their time (-:.

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