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1970’s Cordingley Surfboards Team

A blast from the past: the 1970’s Cordingley Surfboards Team

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  1. Gary McCormick

    Ross O’Brian was a good friend of mine, I grew up in Osborne Park where all the surfboard building action took place in the late 60’s through the 80’s. I rode Ken McKenzie boards in the mid 70’s. Ken started in Hector Street before moving to Colroy Ave with Wooly and Ross as the sander. Ross spent time in Torquey working and surfing and he was the best Knee Boarder I every saw. Ross worked with Greg Laurenson on the Santosha Team of board builders in the early to mid 80’s in Dunsborough. Last I heard Ross was a fat cat accountant in Perth City and no longer surfs.

  2. Jim King

    Oops. Stewart Bettenay advised me Ross O’Brien was a knee boarder and not a body boarder.

  3. During the 70s-early 80s Ross O’Brien travelled from Perth to surf SW waves. He rode body boards shaped by Ken McKenzie of Energy Surfboards. I have been unable to ascertain if Cordingley surf team included body boards and I have no details of Ross’s contest record in body board events. Maybe Surfing WA has body board contest details.

  4. Barry McAuliffe

    was Ross O’brien ever part of the team, and do you know which competition he won at Margaret River?

  5. Norm Bateman (formerly of City Beach Surf Riders Club) and a member of Cordingley Surf Team took the individual pictures back in early 1970s

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