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1970 Greg ‘Pants’ Laurenson at Yallingup


1970 Yallingup State Titles. Surfboard shaper Greg Laurenson with his surfboards and Peter Holzman, Ron Waddell, Bruce King, Rob Sutherland, Peter Dyson, Rod Slater, Giles Geiger, Steve Cockburn & John Balgarnie.  Photo courtesy of Ric Chan 1970 Yalls State Titles G Laurenson, P Holzman, R Waddell, B King, R Sutherland, P Dyson, R Slater, G Geiger, S Cockburn & J Balgarnie - R Chan img428

2 comments on “1970 Greg ‘Pants’ Laurenson at Yallingup

  1. Gary McCormick

    I was one of Tina Christion’s devotees at Miami Bay in the early 1960’s (63/64), and thanks Tina for a lifetime of surfing. I also made and sold UGG boots to Bill at Cordingleys in the early 1970’s Oh also sold them to GasWorks…all history.

  2. Gary McCormick

    Greg’s first Surfboard Shop in 1970 was next door to the Drive in Laundromat and the BP Service Station opp Drake Street on Scarborough Beach Road Osborne Park ( near Hawke Surfboards opp side). He had a fantastic S/H Midget Farrely board I wanted but could not afford. I ran Osborne Canvas Works in the late 70’s and made a few canvas surfboard bags with Space Blanket sewn to the underside for Greg’s Indo Tours. He suggested I start making padded board bags as the only bags available in those days were stripped cotton canvas or more generally stretch toweling that pulled the wax off your board in summer. I did not run with the padded board bags as I thought surfers at the time did not have the money and I was making bigger bucks making caravan annexes for mining vans at the time.

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