70s photographs

1970 Brekkie at Surfside Yallingup

In the1970s Surfside at Yallingup served cooked brekkies to visiting surfers. George Simpson made a name for himself working as a cook at Surfside and used to sleep in a car he crashed into the side of the property. This photo shows Manager Bernie Young with daughter Angie, Gran, wife Eve, an unknown from Victoria and the family dog outside the entrance. Photo courtesy of Peter MacDonald.

1969 Yalls Surfside Shop owner Bernie, wife Eve, grandma , daughter Angie & unknown P Mac pic
This 1973 photo shows Surfside site (on the left) prior to the building of Bali Hai Surf Hut in mid 1970s. Photo courtesy of Jim McFarlane.1973 Yalls SurfSide pre Bali Hai Surf Hut - J McFarlane pic

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