1968 First Pintail surfboard in WA

In 1968 former World Champion Midget Farrelly (from NSW) brought the first pintail surfboard to WA.  Midget rode the board to victory in an invitational surf event held in conjunction with the State Titles at Yallingup. It was the emergence of pintail surfboard designs in WA. Photo courtesy of Sally Jones.

1968 Yalls Midget Farrelly 1st Pintail surfboard WA - Sally Jones IMG_0001

In 2001 Surfing WA commissioned SW surfer/photographer Loz Smith to create a collage of Sally Jones’ images from Midget’s earlier visits to WA.  On 20 October 2001 Surfing WA presented Loz’s collage to Midget at Yallingup Beach. Collage image courtesy of Loz Smith.

2001 Surfing WA Presentation at Yalls Beach to Midget Farrelly for 1969 Oz Comp - Sally Jones pics, Collage by Loz Smith.jpg