70s photographs

1975 Bali-Hai surf hut at Yallingup

In 1975 John Malloy built the Bali-Hai surf hut next to Surfside Cafe at Yallingup. Subsequently Tom Hoye sold his hand crafted surfboards from the shop. Tom used the small ‘Lurch’ cottage at the back of the hut as his shaping bay.  Hillzeez Surf Shop and other entrepreneurs also managed the hut. The hut was demolished in 2006 along with Surfside Cafe & surrounding buildings to make way for luxury holiday accommodation on the site. Image credit Helen Hatrick.

1975 Yalls Bali Hai Surf Hut - Helen Hattrick pic

This 1973 image shows the Yallingup site prior to the building of Bali-Hai surf hut. Surfside Cafe is on the left, the small ‘Lurch’ house centre back & holiday accommodation on the right. Image credit Jim McFarlane.

1973 Yalls SurfSide pre Bali Hai Surf Hut - J McFarlane pic

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