70s photographs

Andy Jones surfing the South-West since 1973

Andy Jones and his family migrated from West Africa to Western Australia in 1960. After a working tour of Australia, Andy returned to WA and in 1973 he moved down south and worked on farms in the Yallingup area to support his surfing lifestyle. Then in 1983 Andy became Drew Brent-White’s partner in the Caves Park Store at Yallingup. Andy has been associated with the Caves Store/Post Office ever since. The store became popular with surfers and is home to the best sesame burgers & banana smoothies in the South-West. This 1975 photo of Andy & the boys was taken at Peter Dyson’s place on Yallingup hill. L-R Gary Gibbon, Andy Jones & Ronnie ‘Ratshit’ Jeffrey. Photo courtesy of Andy Jones.

1975 Yalls Gary Gibbon, Andy Jones & Ronny 'Ratshit' Jeffrey at Peter Dyson's place Andy Jones pic_0001

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