50s photographs

1954 Holidays at historic Hammond Cottage Yallingup

In 1954 the King family from Subiaco WA holidayed in a historic Hammond Cottage on Yallingup Hill. This image L-R shows Jim (age 7), Bruce (age 4) and father Ern King with the remains of a salmon caught earlier at Rabbits Beach.  The Hammond family ran 9 holiday cottages on the hill in the 50s and also maintained the original Tearooms, general store and petrol bowser above the beach. The Tearooms & store later became known as Surfside. Photo courtesy of the King Family.

1954 Yalls Hammond Cottage Jim, Bruce & Ern King - King Family IMG

This 1954 photo shows brothers Bruce & Jim with father Ern King on the beach at Yallingup.  Photo courtesy of the King family.1954 Yalls Beach - Bruce, Jim & Ern King - King Family pic

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