70s photographs

1971 Peter ‘Spook’ Bothwell on Yallingup hill

This 1971 photo shows an unkempt Peter ‘Spook’ Bothwell relaxing at his historic Hammond cottage on Yallingup hill. He is wearing a pair of yellow scuffs bought back from India by his surfing mate Terry Jacks. Spook was State Open Surfing Champ 1968-69 and a finalist at the Australian Surfing Titles held at Margaret River in 1969. He retired from competitive surfing in 1970. Image credit Peter Bothwell.1971 Yalls Peter Bothwell yellow shoes ex Terry Jacks India - Peter Bothwell picThis 1971 photo shows Spook’s cottage on a near empty Yallingup hill. It is one of the original holiday cottages built by the Hammond family in the early 1950s. Image credit Peter Bothwell.1971 Yalls Spook's Hammond shack - Peter Bothwell IMG_0002

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