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1958 Barry ‘Joe’ King’s homemade surfboard at Yallingup

In the late 1950s SW surf pioneer Barry ‘Joe’ King rode a homemade 9ft triple stringer polystyrene (Coolite) surfboard glassed with epoxy resin. This photo shows Barry and his surfboard at Yallingup in 1958. In 1961 Barry went partners with Brian Cole in WA’s first fiberglass surfboard business King & Cole Surfboards in Roydhouse Street Wembley.  Image courtesy of John Budge.

1958 Yalls Barry (Joe) King partner with Brian Cole in  King & Cole Surfboards in 1961 - John Budge pic img591A

4 comments on “1958 Barry ‘Joe’ King’s homemade surfboard at Yallingup

  1. Hi,
    I am Barry (Joe) King’s oldest daughter, Vicki (Tor) King. My sister Jemma and I would love to get hold of one of dad’s surfboards if there is one still in existence.
    If you are willing to part with or know of a King Cole surfboard, we would be very interested to talk to you.
    Even if you just have pictures of dad back in the day or know some good stories we’d love to talk to you.

    • Jim King - no relation (-:

      Hi Vicki.

      I don’t have a King Cole Surfboard for you, but I will follow-up with Brian Cole, he may know where there is one of your dad’s old boards. I do have a 1958 photo of your father on the beach front at Scarborough – courtesy of Brian Cole.

      • Vicki King

        HI Jim,

        Thanks for your reply, would it be possible for you to scan and email me the picture of Dad? We really don’t have many of him pre 1965.
        My email is bir-dee@live.com and if you manage to talk to Brian, that would be awesome.
        Cheers, Vicki.

      • Hi Vicki.
        I talked to Brian Cole at Yallingup this morning. He is looking out for a King & Cole surfboard for you. In the mean time, I will email you the 1958 photo of your dad and some King & Cole Surfboards memorabilia photos. Cheers Jim

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