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1970s-1980s Chris ‘Feggsey’ Fullston

In the early 1970s Mandurah surfer Chris ‘Feggsey’ Fullston was a team rider for Len Dibben (rode a wide Bonzer) and Cordingleys before moving to Greirson Surfboards and Redhot Sticks (made by Ian Cairns at Bicton) in the 1980s.

Chris surfed Hawaii in 1975 and 76 with Ian Cairns.  He then became a Pro Surfer on the fledging Pro circuit and was a finalist in the Gunstun 500 surf comp in Durban South Africa from 1976 to 78. He also competed successfully at the Bells Comp Trials in Victoria and the Stubbies Pro comp in Queensland.

In WA he won the first Margaret River Classic in 1978, a Coca Cola comp at Trigg Point, a Sunshine Coast comp in Geraldton, two Spring Titles and represented the State 8 times in short board Surfing Teams.

In the 1980s he added another string to his bow & began cray fishing in Mandurah, Yallingup, Greenhead and Kalbarri on his cray boats ‘Charisma’ & then ‘Wave Dancer’.

In 1997 at age 42 he took up long boarding and won numerous State long board surfing titles.

Chris now lives on a farm in Tasmania with his wife Lesley. He recently won the Tasmanian State short & long board surfing titles in the over 55 division. You could write a book about Feggsey!

Chris on the beach at Margs in 1975. Photo Ric Chan

1975 MR Chris Fulston - R Chan img548A

1975 Chris Fullston surfing solid Margaret River main break. Image credit Ric Chan.

1975 MR Chris Fulston surfing - R Chan img513A

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  1. Splurger

    Any one out there remember Chris Fillmore (Hanimex Surf photographer and board maker, he traveled across from north Queensland in the 1970s with a red dog. He opened up a lot of the north west breaks around Exmouth in the 70’s,
    Warah Ningaloo coast. May have lost his dog some where on his way south. H ended up heading for down south. We last heard of him in 76. Any one remember him or his dog.

    • Jim King

      Hi Splurger. I made some enquiries amongst long term locals at Yallingup & Margaret River. The guys I contacted do not remember your mate Chris Fillmore in the SW during the 70s. Hope someone else can track down Chris for you. Cheers Jim.

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