60s photographs

1966 Demolition of Board Club surf shacks at Caves House Yallingup

Back in the early 1960s Bill Copley the lessee and licencee of  Caves House Hotel, Yallingup allowed the West Coast, Yallingup and Dolphins board clubs to build club shacks on the hotel grounds. In 1966 Caves House was sold by the State Govt to the Emmett brothers and the new owners reclaimed the West Coast shack (old laundry) and wanted the other shacks demolished to make way for paid accommodation. When it came time for the demolition of the shacks, Bill Copley put on a 10 gallon keg for the demolition workers and invited all the clubs and locals to a farewell dinner at the hotel. The Busselton constabulary was also invited which made it a bit awkward for the underage drinkers. But Bill let them know that the boys were his guests and all went well. Refer to Surfing Down South book for more details. This 1966 photo shows the remnants of the Yallingup Board Club shack’s front door step after the demolition. Image credit Peter ‘Spook’ Bothwell. 1966 Yalls Demolition Yalls Board Club Shack behind Caves House Front Door Step  - P Bothwell IMG_0001A

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