70s photographs

1975 Adrian Wilson bottom turn at Marg’s

1975 Cottesloe surfer Adrian Wilson performing a bottom turn at Marg’s main break. Adrian was and still is a very good surfer.  In the mid 70s he surfed with Ian Cairns as they both like big waves. Adrian was a fighter jet pilot in the Navy & also flew commercial 747 Jumbo jets. He now lives at Prevelly and still surfs waves in excess of 12 to 15 feet. He is President of the Margaret River Coastal Residents Assoc.  Image courtesy of Ric Chan.

1970 MR Adrian Wilson img890A

1975 Contestants at Rip Curl Greirson Pro Surfing Competition held at Trigg Point. L-R Bruce Hocking, Adrian Wilson & Randell Owens. The boys look resplendent in their ‘Hang Ten Greirson Surfing Team‘ sponsor windcheaters. Image credit Greirson Surfboards.

1975 Trigg Point Pro comp Bruce Hocking, Adrian Wilson & Randell Owens - Greirson Surfboards pic IMG_0006B

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