60s photographs

1966 Considine Bros camping Prevelly Park Marg River

1966 Doubleview surfer Geoff Moran took this photo of Jeff and Errol Considine’s camp site at Prevelly Park Margaret River. The Scarborough brothers were keen surfers and traveled regularly to the SW in their trusty Morris Mini-Minor. Geoff Moran rode 9’6″ McDonaugh Surfboards (ex Brookvale NSW) purchased from Wes Day in Doubleview. Jeff Considine had two surfboards one of them a Dibben-Cole. Younger brother Errol scrounged surfboards off his brother. Geoff Moran’s surfboard (right hand side) & Jeff Considine’s two surf boards (left hand side) are on the roof of the Mini. Photo courtesy of Geoff Moran.

1966 Jeff & Errol Considine's  camp - Prevelly Park MR

1966 Geoff Moran also took this photo of Jeff & Errol Considine with their Mini-Minor on the same surf trip. The brothers are kissing the road after digging the bogged Mini out of a dirt track in the SW. Photo credit Geoff Moran.

1966 Jeff & Errol Considine kissing road after digging out Mini dirt track SW - Geoff Moran pic.

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