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1965 Kiwi White pantless at Gallows

1965 Former Cottesloe surfer/photographer Dave Condon took this fine pic of Ken ‘Kiwi’ White, Mic Lindsay & Geoff Berry with Geoff’s trusty Vee Dub in the Gallows car park. Kiwi appears to be a little under dressed for the photo shoot!

Kiwi (retired tuna spotter) now lives at Port Lincoln in South Aust. His home beach is Cactus and he travels OZ and the surfing world chasing waves.

Mic now lives on the NSW mid north coast with his wife Wendy. He surfs and swims many kilometers per day.

Geoff married Mic’s sister Julie in 1970 & now lives in NSW. During the 70s & 80s he surfed Indo, Fiji & Hawaii. These days he surfs the East Coast from Manly to Crescent Heads.

Mic & Geoff were members of the City Beach Surf Riders Club in the 60s. It’s good news the boys are ‘still surfin’.  Photo credit Dave Condon.

1965 Gallows Ken 'Kiwi' White - Mick Lindsay - Geoff Berry at Gallows Jan 1965 - Dave Condon picA

1965 Talented City Beach goofy-footer Geoff Berry surfing Gallows. Photo credit Dave Condon.

1965 SW Gallows Beach Geoff Berry - Dave Condon pic 600 dpi 001A

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