1985 Loz Smith founder of Yallingup Malibu Surf Classic

Laurie ‘Loz’ Smith of Quindalup foundered the Yallingup Malibu Surf Classic (YalMal) competition in 1985. The YalMal will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary in November 2014. This photo shows Loz at the 1986 Yalls Classic with a Greg Laurenson shaped Santosha board. Photo credit Loz Smith.

1986 Yalls Yal Classic with GL shaped Santosha - L Smith pic img289A

Loz is a talented photographer/artist and maintains a photographic record of SW surfing events. Loz designed this collage of Sally Jones photo for Surfing WA to present to former world surfing champion Midget Farrelly in 2001. Image credit Loz Smith.

2001 Surfing WA Presentation at Yalls Beach to Midget Farrelly for 1969 Oz Comp - Sally Jones pics, Collage by Loz Smith.jpg