70s photographs

1974 South West photo shoot for WA Surf Magazine

In 1974 surf photographer Ric Chan took talented free-surfers Mick Black & Russell Quinlivan down south on a photo-shoot assignment for West Coast Surfer magazine. This photo shows Mick Black surfing Noiseys near Lefthanders.  Mick was a fisherman/surfer and as he lived near Triggs Point, he was known colloquially as the Trigg Point Kid (TPK). He is now a cray fisherman at Quinns. Image credit Ric Chan.

1974 Noiseys Mick Black early-days2 - Ric Chan

1974 Russell Quinlivan surfing Noiseys near Lefthanders. Russell was a Scarborough boy who spent time surfing down south in the 70s. He now resides at Busselton with his wife Peta. Image credit Ric Chan.

1974 Guillotine Russell Quinlivan - Ric Chan img341

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