50s photographs

1958 Budgie water shots at Yalls

1958 Jim Keenan and Graham ‘Cocko’ Killen took this classic water shot of John ‘Budgie’ Budge surfing Yalls. The boys were on their plywood double ski & used Budgie’s Kodak box camera to capture the action. Budgie was an instrument maker at UWA and came up with the camera innovation. The camera had no telescopic ability so they had to get as close up as possible on the double ski. Photo credit Jim Keenan, Cocko Killen and John Budge.

1958 Yalls John Budge - John Budge  pic IMG_0005

1958 On the same day, Budgie took this water shot of Jim Keenan & Cocko Killen surfing Yalls on their plywood double ski. Budgie took the photo from his home made balsa board. Refer Surfing Down South book for more of Budgie’s SW photos from the 50s. Photo credit John Budge.

1958 Yalls double ski Jim Keenan & Graham 'Cocko  Killen 001 - J Budge

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