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1950s Plywood Toothpick Surfboards

In the mid 1950s WA surfboard riders surfed primarily in the metropolitan area. Most surfers were affiliated with Surf Life Saving Clubs (SLSC). This photo shows young City Beach surf life savers holding a 14ft plywood toothpick surfboard. L-R Ron Drage, Dave Williams, Cocko Killen & Eugene ‘Mick’ Mickle. The boys are standing in front of the original City of Perth SLSC building built in 1935. Photo credit John Budge.

1950s City Beach clubbies Ron Darge, Dave Williams, Cocko Killen, E Mickle - John Budge pic img366

These mid 1950s photos show L-R Ron Drage & Dave Williams standing near the City Beach groyne with their 16 ft plywood racing Toothpick surfboards. Ron & Dave were amongst the original surfboard riders to find & surf SW waves. See Surfing Down South book for more details. Photos courtesy John Budge.

1950s City Beach Ron Drage & Dave Williams with toothpick surfboards - J Budge pics

3 comments on “1950s Plywood Toothpick Surfboards

  1. From Tom Blaxell

    Ron Drage was president of the
    Dolphin Surfriders when I joined in 66, and Dave Williams one of the members as
    well. I didn’t realise their Clubbie roots were in City Beach , but they always
    had a fair amount of that terrible Clubbie culture, like not putting the spear
    right to the bottom of the keg, so that when it ran out and everyone left,
    there’s was always a bit more to drink!

    We had some footage of Dave and
    some of the boys riding fibreglass boards that they had brought back from over
    east, at Trigg Point in 59.

  2. WA surfboard manufacturing legend Len Dibben submitted this comment.

    Dave Williams actually gave me my first Male Modeling job at Rottnest as he
    could not do it. This was around 1962-3 and was for Walsh’s Menswear in Perth. I then got a few more jobs from them over the
    years. Surfed many waves with the likes of Dave & the boys way back when. When
    we were down at Yalls I remember Dave always getting us going for runs up to
    Dog rock & back & doing exercises when the surf was down. A great time
    to be surfing with the companionship in the water.

    Also I am ending my full time manufacturing surfboards & repairs
    business. I have sold my 2 units in Booragoon. Finish up on the 31 October 2014.
    I might be doing the odd board shape in the future if any requests come along. Cheers Len

  3. Trigg surfer Mike Wynne submitted this comment. Brought back memories of my first board in 1959 (age 10); 6’6” marine ply on frame, varnished; round nose and pointed back and a drain bung at the front on the nose. Fell off shooting the reef right near Tom’s North Beach. The nose hit my top lip, split it wide open and scared me for life; hence my moustache these days!

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