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1960s Browneyes Part 1 of 2

Part 1. Surfboards, Motorbikes & Raptors.
American born Brian ‘Browneyes’ Mawby-Brown was a popular member of the City Beach Surf Riders Club (CBSR) in the 1960s. He chased waves at Metro, South-West and Eastern States beaches. Browneyes was kind and generous and happily transported the club’s juniors to surf breaks & competitions in his meticulously maintained Holden station wagon.
Brian loved motor sports & raced motorbikes at Claremont Speedway and in Japan.
He was a highly skilled fiberglasser and made surfboards, kayaks and turned his hand to building Foundation 41 sailboats.
In 1987 Brian discovered his American father was a Native American man of the Oglala Lakota Nation. He then added his father’s name ‘Mawby’ to his Australian surname of Brown.
While living in Perth Brian and his partner Nancy Tang developed a love for the preservation of birds of prey. They became wildlife rehabilitators and rescued, rehabilitated & released sick, injured, displaced and orphaned native birds of prey (raptors). Eventually Brian & Nancy moved to Jalbarragup (near Nannup) where they built a house and put up aviaries to care for sick birds. Then Brian found a new calling, fire-fighting and conservation work with the then Department of Environment and Conservation.
In 2011 Brian & Nancy attended the City Beach Surf Riders Club 50 Years Reunion held at City Beach. Club members were rapt to spend time with Browneyes & see him again.
Sadly Brian passed away in September 2014 after an illness.

1966 Browneyes (in red CBSR parka) and other Club members in front of the City Beach Tea Rooms. The boys were loading surfboards onto Timon ‘Tiny’ McKay’s Kombi van. Photo credit Norm Bateman.

1966 City Beach Loading Tiny's Kombi Browneyes - Norm Bateman pic

The photos below are (left) 1966 Browneyes surfing Stewart Street at Mandurah. Image ex CBSR Super 8 movie film. (right) 2009 Browneyes with Cetan the black kite at Jalbarragup. Photo credit Nancy Tang.

1960s Browneyes compilation #1

See Browneyes Part 2. Whisky a Go-Go surf trip on Monday 6 October 2014.

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