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1976 Hardy Surfboards Margaret River

Former Tasmanian surfer Tony Hardy was WA State Mens Surfing Champion in 1970 & 1976. Tony placed second in State Titles to George Simpson in 1972 and Ian Cairns in 1973. In 1971 he won the Scarborough Board Club Annual Trigg Point Comp (pre-cursor to King of The Point in 77-78) and was also successful in other WA surfing competitions. In his prime Tony was arguably the best surfer riding Margaret River Main Break.

In the mid 1970s Tony & his wife Jacquie moved from Scarborough and settled on a rural property in Margaret River. In 1976 Tony built a shaping bay and started making Hardy Surfboards on the property.

Tony & Jacquie have four talented surfing sons Josh, Gene, and twins Brett & Ryan. The Hardys still reside in Margaret River and Tony still surfs Margaret’s on one of his own hand crafted single fin surfboards. Refer Surfing Down South and Surfing WA Celebrating 50 Years books for more details on the Hardy family.

These 1976 photos show Tony with one of his handcrafted single fin surfboard creations. Photo credits Ric Chan.

 1976 Tony Hardy Surfboards Margaret River Compilation A Ric Chan pics

These 1976 images show Tony glassing a surfboard in his country shaping bay. An image of his surfboard logo is also displayed in the photo compilation. Tony Hardy Surfboard logo image courtesy of Grant Mooney. Other photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1976 Tony Hardy Surfboards Marg River compilation B Grant Mooney & Ric Chan pics

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