1954 Surfboard Art by Ray Geary

In the 1950s WA surfing pioneer Ray Geary worked as a sign writer. He designed & printed t-shirts for the City Beach Board Club and painted artwork on plywood surfboards. In 1961 Ray designed the business sign for King & Cole Surfboards in Wembley. This 1954 photo shows Ray at City Beach with his ‘Jasper’ toothpick surfboard. Photo courtesy of Ray Geary. See Surfing Down South book for more pics of Ray.

1954 City Beach R Geary with Jasper surfboard - Ray Geary

These 1955 photos shows examples of Ray Gearys’ artwork on plywood surfboards. Photos courtesy of Ray Geary.

1955 Ray Geary surfboard art



  • Jim King

    From Tom Blaxell:

    Ray Geary was also a member of the Dolphin Surfriders in 66 when I joined. Ray is one of the few surfers to have a break named after him – Geary’s, south of Mandurah. He had a shack across from the break and the break was originally called Geary’s Shack, and later shortened to Geary’s.

    Another club member Bruce Elliott used to work for Ray and he did all my board decals in the early days .another of Ray’s employees Bruce Owens was notable for designing the Aboriginal Warrior Blaxell logo.