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1972 Micko Gracie surfer, sailor & traveller

Former Maylands goofy footer Michael ‘Micko’ Gracie has been surfing in the SW since the late 60s. In the 90s he moved to the region to be closer to his favourite wave at Three Bears. Micko is still a keen surfer (his spot is reserved at Bears) and he gets away most winters to surf on remote Indian Ocean islands.

In 1972 Micko travelled to South Africa, England and Europe on a surfing trip with Bob Monkman, Peter McDonald & Bruce King. The boys surfed good waves on their travels. In 1973 Micko & Peter McDonald left the other boys in cold Europe and travelled to Bali on their way home to WA.  They got lucky &  surfed big, perfect waves at Uluwatu on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula.

1973 Balinese locals & Micko (on right). Photo credit Peter McDonald.

1973 Bali Micko Gracie with bali friends in losmen - P Mac pic IMG_02

In 1974 Micko & Peter McDonald started building a fibreglass yacht in Maylands. Peter’s enthusiasm for the project eventually waned, but Micko carried on and finished the yacht. He named the yacht Mimi by using the first two initials of his & his wife Michelle’s name. In 1984 he sailed Mimi around the top of Australia with his wife Michelle and son Kai.

Yacht images (on left) Peter & Micko sitting on the unfinished hull in Maylands. (on right) Micko sailing Mimi past Cairns. Images courtesy of Peter McDonald.

1974-84 Micko Gracie boat Mimi - P Mac pics

1969 Surf trip to Queensland in Micko’s VW. L-R Mark Rudenburg, Micko Gracie & Peter Mac at Crescent Heads. Mark Rudenburg, George Simpson & Mick ‘Micky’ Pearce discovered Bears surf break in 1972. Tom Hoye initially named the surf break MGM after the 3 boys – see Surfing Down South book for details. Photo credit Peter McDonald.

1969 Crescent Heads Mark Rudenberg, Micko Gracie & Peter Mac.- P Mac pic IMG_0001

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