1970s Spectators, Judges & Competitors at State Surfing Titles held Margaret River.

Surf Photographer/Journalist Ric Chan captured these images of spectators, judges & competitors at State Surfing Titles held at Margaret River during the 1970s.

1. Spectators

Spectators watching the 1973 State Surfing Titles held at Margaret River’s Main Break. L-R Doug White (journalist), Linda Wright, Colin Ladhams, Pat Cairns, Barry Day & Guy Quackenbush (State body boarder). Photo credit Ric Chan.

1973 Marg River State Titles L-R Doug White, Linda Wright, unknown, Pat Cairns, Barry Day & unknown - Ric Chan img888A

2. Judges

Contest judges & assistants officiating at the 1972 State Surfing Titles held at Margaret River. L-R Kaye & Bill Gibson, Colin Ladhams, Peter Bevan, Judy (Shaun Atkinson’s girl friend) and Murray Smith in front.  Photo credit Ric Chan .

1972 MR State Titles Bill & Kaye Gibson, Col Ladhams, P Bevan, unknown,  M Smith front - Ric Chan img252

3. Competitors

1977 State Titles at Margaret River. (Top pic) Competitors keenly watching the action in the water at Margaret River. Includes Sam Sadleir, Bill Oddy with binoculars, Colin Earle & Greg Laurenson in front. Others unidentified. (Bottom pic) The action in the water, unidentified girls frolicking in the shallows. Photo credits Ric Chan

1977 Marg River State Titles compilation #1