70s photographs

1977 Surfing Santa

In the 70s Steve ‘Sheepdog’ Cockburn was a member of the Sand-n-Sea Surf Riders Club and represented the state at seven Australian Surfing Titles as a board rider or judge.

Local freelance photographer Alf Sorbello came up with the idea of photographing Santa surfing at Scarborough Beach. He arranged a photo shoot with Sheepdog and provided the Santa costume and cotton wool beard. Sheepdog recalls “On the day the surf was small and the cotton wool beard got a bit out of control, being full of water and drooping. Otherwise it was a pretty uneventful day. Alf took a few photos then headed back to work”. An image from the photo shoot appeared in the Sunday Times.

1977 Sheepdog surfing at Scarborough in a Santa suit. Photo credit Alf Sorbello.

1977 Surfing Santa photo of Steve Cockburn by Alf Sorbello 061

1974 Sheepdog at an Australian Surfing Titles function held at Burleigh Heads Queensland. L-R Mike Mickelson, Greg ‘Pants’ Laurenson, Sheepdog and Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew (Qld). Queensland’s ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew went on to win the World Surfing Championship in 1978. Photo credit Steve Cockburn.

1974 Aust Titles Burleigh Heads Qld Mike Mickelson, Greg Laurenson, Steve Cockburn & Rabbit Bartholomew (Qld) - Steve Cockburn IMG


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