60s photographs

1964 Down South Surf Trip

Former Australian Senior Surfing Champion Arty Sherburn took these photos of Bruce Brown and his surfing mates on a Down South surf trip.

1964 Bruce & his mates preparing to leave the city and head Down South. L-R Ian Barsden, Bruce Brown & Peter Meyer loading their surfboards on Bruce’s FC Holden. Photo credit Arty Sherburn.

1964 Down south surf trip Ian Barsden, Bruce Brown & Peter Meyer with Brownies FC Holden - Arthur Sherburn pic img179

1964 Relaxing under the trees in their Cowaramup Bay camp site are L-R John Murphy, unidentified, Joe Wilson (standing), Bruce Brown, unidentified & Peter Backhouse in hammock. Photo credit Arty Sherburn.

1964 Cowaramup Bay camp site John Murphy, unknown, Joe Wilson, (standing), Bruce Brown, unknown, Peter Backhouse (hammock) - Arty Sherburn pic img183

1964 Bruce Brown’s FC Holden & the boys wallowing in soggy conditions on the Gallows track (near Cowaramup Bay). Photo credit Art Sherburn.

1964 Gallows track Bruce Brown's FC Holden bogged - A Sherburn pic img186


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