50s photographs

1957 Empty Yallingup Line-up

Pioneer surfer/photographer John ‘Budgie’ Budge took this photo of an empty line-up at Yallingup Main Break on a sunny weekend in 1957.  There is not a surfer in sight!  Ahh….the good old days! These days empty line-ups are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Photo credit John Budge.

1957 Yalls Main Break empty line-up - John Budge pic img598

1958 unidentified person relaxing in a hammock under the melaleuca trees on Yallingup beach front. In the background is a hollow ply toothpick surfboard. In the foreground is a portable record player which played 78 RPM vinyl records. The 50s surfers enjoyed listening to ‘traditional jazz’ music. Unpopular records were tossed frisbee style into Yallingup lagoon. Photo credit John Budge.

1958 Yalls Hammock - John Budge pic img358

This 1956 photo shows (left) Neil Chapple wearing a bear suit (ie WW2 flying suit) and (right) a dapper Budgie  ‘the photographer’ at City Beach. The boys are leaning on Budgie’s pride & joy, his Morris Minor sedan. A plywood ‘toothpick’ surfboard is tied on the roof of the car. Photo credit John Budge

1956 City Beach Neil Chapple & John Budge with Budgie's Morris Minor - John Budge  img358 (1)

Refer Surfing Down South book for more Budgie images & stories.


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