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Back in 72 young city based surfers Bruce King, Micko Gracie, Peter McDonald & Bob Monkman headed off overseas on a world surfing trip. The boys surfed good waves in South Africa, England, Europe & Indonesia before making their way home.

Photo: 1972 Departure Perth Airport L-R Bruce, Micko, Mac & Bob. Photo courtesy of Bruce King.

1972 Perth Airport departure Bruce, Micko, Mac & Bob. Bruce pic 002

Bruce King recalls: “It wasn’t till after Bobbo drove through about 6 red traffic lights in South Africa that we discovered he was colour blind. He just assumed the bottom light was green like in OZ, but over there the colours are reversed. Peter Mac and I scored jobs as lifeguards at Port Elizabeth, they thought coming from OZ we could all swim like Murray Rose who was the Olympic champion at that time. ”

Photos: 1972-3 holiday snaps #1 courtesy of Bruce King.

Top Left: 1972 Mac & Bruce lifesavers in Port Elizabeth South Africa.
Top Right: 1972 Bruce, Bob & Mac at Victoria Falls in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).
Bottom Left: 1973 Bruce, Mac & others at windmill in Holland.
Bottom Right: 1973 Denise, Micko & George on Spanish beach.

1970s world surf tour - Bruce King IMG_001

Photos: 1973 holiday snaps #2 courtesy of Bruce King.

Top Left: 1973 Kombi breakdown Micko, Bob & Bruce Transkei in Zululand South Africa.
Top Right: 1973 Port Elizabeth weekly pig-out Bob, Micko & Mac South Africa
Bottom Left: 1973 Port Elizabeth Flat Mac, Micko & Bob South Africa.
Bottom Right: 1973 Giraffe & Micko South Africa.

1973 South Africa compilation IMG_002

Now (43 years later) they surf & live in the South West. The boys met up recently for a reunion at Bob Monkman’s place in Dunsborough .

Photo: 2015 Reunion. L-R Bob, Micko, Bruce & Mac. Photo courtesy of Bruce King.

2015 Reunion Bob, Micko, Bruce & Mac. Bruce pic 002

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