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Ric Chan has left the building.

Veteran NZ surf photographer Ric Chan has ended his whirlwind WA tour and flown back to NZ.

Before he left WA, former Surfboard Manufacturer Tom Blaxell roped the Chinaman into a night out at the Universal Bar in Northbridge with some old surfing mates.

A good time was had by all, apparently.

Tom Blaxell: ”Ric is good company anytime, and for a septuagenarian very youthful, adventurous and outgoing . Quite inspiring really.”

Photo: Ric and the boys at the Universal Bar. L-R Paul Cotton, Tom Blaxell, Ric Chan, Jock Campbell & Peter Bevan. Photo courtesy of the German barmaid!

2015 Ric Chan at the Universal Bar Northbridge with Paul Cotton, Tom Blaxell, Jock Cambell & Peter Bevan - T Blaxell1

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