50s photographs

1958 Flaking out at Yalls

Surf Pioneer Brian Cole captured this image of Moonshine & the boys flaked out near their camp site at Yallingup Beach in 1958.

The sun lovers were listening to traditional jazz music played on a wind-up gramophone. The gramophone (and cover) and their 78 RPM vinyl records can be seen in the foreground. Brian made the early hollow plywood Malibu surfboard on the left.

Photo: 1958 L-R Colin Taylor, Dave Williams, Keith Kino & Bruce ‘Moonshine’ Hill. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1958 Yalls Flako at Yalls Col Taylor, Dave Williams, Keith Kino & Bruce Hill. Old BC hollow ply malibu - Brian Cole pic 009

Barry ‘Joe’ King was Brian Cole’s partner in King & Cole Surfboards established 1961 in Roydhouse Street Wembley. Barry was multi skilled. He had a pilot licence and was a talented boat builder and registered builder.

Photo: 1958 Barry’s Morris Minor ute & camp site under the melaleuca trees at Yalls. L-R Ken Hamer, Barry ‘Joe’ King and Owen Oates is up the tree with his camera taking a photo of the photographer (others unidentified). Barry homemade the plywood canopy on his Morrie ute. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1958 Yalls camp site Ken Hamer,  Joe King & Owen Oates. Joe's Morris Minor ute with home mdae plywood canopy - Brian Cole pic img145

Transistor radios were introduced into Australia in the late 50s. The lads in the following image may be listening to an early transistor radio…see portable radio & aerial bottom right.

Photo: 1956-57 Jim Cavendar’s FJ Holden ute loaded with plywood boards at Yallingup Beach L-R Mark Whittome, Brian Bradley, Rod Phillips & Jim Cavendar with Brownie Camera. Photo credit John Budge.

1956-57 Yalls Mark Whittome, Brian Bradley, RodPhillips & Jim Cavender with FJ ute & hollow wood boards - John Budge pic img571

Refer to Surfing Down South book for more vintage SW photos from Brian Cole and Budgie.

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