1970s & 80s Steve ‘Hog’ Hannett

Steve ‘Hog’ Hannett has been involved in WA surfing for over 45 years and has a strong background in both competition and free style surfing. ‘Hog’ is a talented surfer in small & big waves. He is also an accomplished windsurfer with over 20 years’ experience.

‘Hog’ derived his nickname from his unique ability to dominate wave line-ups and get the best waves even in crowded conditions.

Steve lives at Trigg and his home break is Trigg Point. He was one of the best surfers at Trigg Point in the 70s & 80s. He was also prominent at metro northern beaches Mettams, Ders at Yanchep & South Passage at Lancelin.

Photo: 1975 ‘Hog’ ripping at Trigg Point. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1975 Trigg Point Steve Hannett - Ric Chan 001

Steve was a member of Scimitar Board Riders with fellow Mettam’s men Paul ‘Sharky’ Clarke and Peter ‘PD’ Davidson.

Competition highlights:

1974 State Schoolboys u/20 – 2nd
1977 WA spring titles Open -1st
1979 SCIMITAR Board riders – Club Champion
1979 Margaret River Classic – 3rd
1979 State Inter Club Comp – 1st
1980 WA Spring Titles – 1st
1985 WASRA Most Emerging Surfer Award
1986 State Autumn Titles Seniors – 2nd
1986 Billabong Australian Surf Titles Seniors – 3rd
1988 WA State Titles Seniors – 1st

‘Hog’ in addition to being a talented surfer also dabbled in media promotions with NZ photo/journalist Ric Chan.

Photos: Steve surfing Metro waves & Jet Ski promotion. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

Top left: 1981 Steve rooster tailing on Cordingley single fin at Trigg Pt comp.
Top right: 1975 Steve cutback on favourite Lightning Bolt surfboard at Trigg Pt.
Bottom left: 1976 Steve doing Jet Ski promotion on Swan River.
Bottom right: 1975 Steve & Peter Davidson leaving the surf at Trigg.

1970s Steve Hannett metro IMG_002

In 1980 Steve and Chris Fullston surfing photos were featured on the cover of West Coast Surfing Magazines Limited First Edition.


Left: 1980 West Coast Magazine cover. (Top) Chris Fullston surfing Rotto. (Bottom) Steve Hannett surfing South Passage at Lancelin. Images courtesy of Ric Chan.
Right: 1976 Steve heading out at Mettams with his single fin board. Photo credit Peter Davidson.

1970s Steve Hannett Lancelin & Meetams pics IMG_003

‘Hog’ built a reputation surfing big waves down south.

Photos: 1970s Steve surfing North Point Cowaramup Bay. Photos Ric Chan.

1970s Steve Hannett North Pt SW IMG_004

Photos: Steve surfing Down South. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

Top left: 1977 Steve & Colin Earle. Yalls State Titles presentations at Surfside Cafe.
Top right: 1978 Steve surfing North Point.
Bottom Left: 1976 Steve surfing Margaret River.
Bottom Right: 1975 Steve surfing Injidup Car Park.

1970s Steve Hannett SW pics IMG_005

Steve’s Surfing Highlights:-

Sponsorship: “Member of Cordingleys high profile Perth based surf team, Thanks Bill Oddy!”

Biggest Surf Ridden: “Sunset Beach Hawaii, Thanks for that 8’2″ Kevin Merifield!”

Biggest Surf Seen: “Waimea Bay Hawaii closing out and washing up over the road.”

Most scared on a surf trip: “2014 in Mexico, we were pulled over by The Federales, 4 mean looking dudes all with 9mm Glock pistols , sub machine guns and a Fifty Cal Machine Gun mounted on the rear tray of their Chevy Pickup, all pointed at us guys and speaking Spanish at 90 mph.”

Most Fun surf ever: “2014 Mexico point break el Farro 4-6 ft waves in warm water, 300-400 mtr rights & two guys out, no sharks (the Mexicans ate them all).”

Lucky to be here surf: “Lancelin on an over cast day, 6ft and smokin, 2 mates with me and a 10 ft Tiger shark passes straight under me at 25 knots, not hungry I guess!”

Hog still surfs, sails and sells his signature Hog Custom Surfboards. Hog’s Custom Surfboards email link is