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1960s South Side Board Club – 2015 Reunion

Smiths Beach surfer Bill Mitchell (an inaugural member of the South Side Board Club) provided this overview of the Club’s 50 year Reunion held over 3 days down south in March 2015.

South Side Board Club – Reunion

Bill Mitchell: “We had a 50 year reunion celebrating the building of “the SBBC shack” in Prevelly camping grounds. Twenty of the twenty eight originals turned up on site in Prevelly. It was a pretty special day as we paid tribute to two of our departed mates. A core group of a dozen of us from those days have stayed close mates. Only six still surf, four if “Supping” doesn’t qualify.

Like all old fart reunions the waves got bigger, the barrels deeper & the most used word was “WHAT”!!!”

Photo: 2015 SSBC Reunion Day 1. Placing of John ‘TAG’ Tagney’s plaque at Prevelly shack site attended by his wife, children, grandchildren & his Southside mates. Photo credit Joy.

2015 SSBC placing Tag's plaque at Prevelly. Bill Mitchell pic

Photo: 2015 SSBC Reunion Day 1. Tag’s Plaque at Prevelly shack. John ‘Tags’ Tangney was the driving force to build the shack, sadly he died age 32yrs. Photo credit Joy.

2015 SSBC Tag's plaque - Bill Mitchell pic

The following 2015 SSBC Reunion Day 2 social pics courtesy of SSBC members:-

2015 SSBC team photos:
Top. Bill & Di Mitchell’s place Smiths Beach.
Bottom (left) Beer garden Caves House Hotel Yallingup
Bottom (Right) Gracetown Cafe.

2015 SSBC Reunion compilation IMG_002

2015 SSBC team photos:
Top. Bill & Di Mitchell’s place Smiths Beach.
Bottom. Fish, Lennie, (reunion organiser) Bill & Errol (original President)

2015 SSBC reunion day 2 IMG_008

Bill & Di Mitchell with Jacko at the Mitchell’s place.

Bill, Di & Jako.

In 2006 SSBC held a reunion at Noosa Qld. See article below courtesy Sunshine Coast Daily.

2008 Noosa SSBC Reunion - Sunshine Coast Daily  IMG_03

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