1976 Craig Bettenay Surfboards

In 1976 top WA surfer/shaper Craig Bettenay and former Victorian Steve ‘Blue’ Nicholson designed and made Craig Bettenay signature surfboards in Blue’s back shed in Dunsborough. The single fin boards were designed for surfing solid SW waves.

Photos: 1976 Steve & Craig displaying some of their surfboard designs in Dunsborough. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1976 Craig Bettenay surfboards IMG_003

Craig: “Blue glassed & finished and I shaped & sanded the surfboards. The boards had hand written signatures on them and were sold Down South and in Perth at Star Surf Shop. It was a ‘Good Happy Vibe’ as Blue was great with good structure and some good boards came out of The Shed.”

Photos: 1976 Craig in the shaping bay at The Shed Dunsborough. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1976 Craig Bettenay Surfboards IMG_005

Photos: 1976 Craig testing his surfboards in solid SW waves. Photos credits Ric Chan.
Top: (Left) Craig surfing Margaret River. (Right) Craig surfing North Point.
Bottom: (Left) Craig surfing North Point. (Right) Craig at Margaret River.

1976 Craig Bettenay Surfboards IMG_007

Craig & Blue went on to design custom surfboards for Cordingley Surfboards in Jolimont WA.

Image: 1976 Craig & Blue in Cordingley Surfboards advt displayed in WASRA Spring Titles Program. Image courtesy of Cordingley Surfboards & WASRA.

1976 WASRA Spring Titles Program Cordingley Surfboards advt IMG_02


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