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1958 Scarborough Beach Boys

These vintage pics of Scarborough Beach come to us courtesy of WA surfing pioneer Brian Cole.

Photo: 1958 Scarborough. Ian Scott, Owen Oates and Barry ‘Joe’ King lazing in the back of Laurie Burke’s Triumph Mayflower sedan in Scarborough Beach car park. Owen Oates owned the Holden FX ute, Brian Cole the Morris Minor, Laurie Burke the Triumph Mayflower & Ian Scott the Austin A40. Photo credit Brian Cole.

See Surfing Down South book for details of the demise of Laurie Burke’s Triumph Mayflower at Yallingup.

1958 Scarborough Ian Scott, Owen Oates & Barry 'Joe' King - Brian Cole pic img162

Photo: 1962 Scarborough. Goofy footer Brian Cole surfing on his backhand at Scarborough Beach. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1962 Scarb Brian Cole surfingA


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