70s photographs

Living in Dunsborough in the 70s.

In the 70s SW surfers lived an idyllic country lifestyle on the bay at Dunsborough.

In 1973/74 Andy Jones lived in a house on Beach Road Dunsborough with Mark Favell & Neil Justen. The boys worked in the Dunsborough Bakery. Ralph Redman and Geoff Culmsee lived nearby.

Andy Jones: “I then went over east and surfed Cactus & Bells Beach Vic with Pup, Albie and others. On my return to the SW, I moved in with Gremmo, George Simpson and the crew in Dunsborough from 1975-80.”

Gremmo, George & the crew shared two rental houses on Bay View Crescent with views over Geographe Bay (near the former Greenacres cottages). Gremmo & his wife Ning had the front house and Peter Mac, George Simpson, Ricky Lobe, & Tracy shared the rear house backing onto Thurston Lane.

Photo: 1975 The crew & washing hanging in front of rear house at Dunsborough. Photo courtesy Peter Mac.

1975 Dunsborough Bay View Crescent rear rental house crew - Peter Mac IMG 01

Photo: 1975 the crew in front of Gremmo’s place (Back) Graham Worsley, Horace, Haydn (Front) Grem, Jill, Ning, George Simpson, Suzy Ware, Grem’s dad Ernie holding Grems dog ‘Horse’. Photo courtesy of Peter Mac.

1975 Dunsborough L-R Graham Worsley, Grem, Horace, Haydn, Grems dog Horse, Jill, Ning, Suzy Ware, Grems dad Ernie - P Mac pic

Photo: 1975 Sally Gunter & Ric Lobe out the front of Gremmo’s place. At this time Sally worked in Dunsborough Bakery and Rick worked with her father at Cape Naturaliste lighthouse. Peter Mac’s red ute and John Baldock’s black Falcon are in the background. On the left is Rick’s German Shepherd & on the right is Gremmo’s dog ‘Horse’. Photo courtesy of Peter Mac.

1975 Dunsborough Sally Gunter (Bakery) & Rick Lobe (Lighthouse) Mac's red ute, John Baldock black Falcon Grems dog Horse - Mac pic IMG 02

Photo: 1975 Freshly spray painted cars in the car park of rear house. Blue vehicle unknown, George Simpson’s yellow ute and Rick Lobe’s green VW. Photo courtesy of Peter Mac.

1975 Dunsborough spray job Blue unknown, Yellow George's ute & Green VW Rick Lobe  - P Mac pic

Photo: 1975 New Years Eve party at Gremmo’s place. L-R unknown & Ronnie Ratshit, Mitch & Jen. Photo courtesy of Peter Mac.

1975 Dunsborough Gemmo's NY Party unknown, Ronnie Ratshit & Ian & Jenny Mitchell -  P Mac pic





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