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1960’s Murray Smith

WA surfing legend Murray ‘Muzz’ Smith won numerous WA State Surfing Titles through the 60s & 70s & an Australian Masters Title in 1980. He also established a reputation as a talented surfboard shaper and in 2014 was made a Life Member of Surfing WA for his contribution to WA surfing.

Photo: 1962 Murray surfing an empty right hander at Yallingup. Photo credit Glen Campbell from Dolphins Board Club .

1962 Yalls surfing Murray Smith - Glen Campbell Dolphins Board Club pic IMG_6348

During 1965-66 Murray worked as a barman at Caves House Yallingup to help supplement his surfing lifestyle.

Photos: (Left) 1966 Murray outside Caves House Yalls. (Right) 1966 Murray State Open Surfing Champion. Photo credits Murray Smith.

1966 Murray Smith compilation IMG_001

Photo: 1966 Murray outside his parents place at Scarborough. Photo credit Murray Smith.

1966 Scarb Murray Smith outside parents place - Jim Breadsell pic

In 1967 WASRA featured an image of Muzz surfing the North Mole on the front cover of the ‘Fourth State Surf Riding Championships held at Yallingup’ competition booklet. Fun waves at the North Mole surf break became extinct when the Fremantle Port Authority built the Rous Head Harbour at the site.

Image: 1967 WASRA Fourth State Surf Riding championship booklet courtesy of WASRA.

1967 State Champs Yalls prog cover Murray Smith

Photo: 1969 Murray surfing Jakes Point at Kalbarri. Photo credit Jim Breadsell

1969 Kalbarri Jakes Murray Smith - Jim Breadsell pic

In 1994 WASRA bought out a 30 Year Reunion t-shirt. The image on the t-shirt featured WA surfers Dig Dagali, Jenny Shackley & Murray Smith.

Image: 1994 WASRA t-shirt image L-R Dig, Jenny & Murray. Image courtesy of Murray Smith.

1994 WASRA Reunion  T-shirt Dig Dagali. Jenny Shackley & Muzz @ Scarb

Muzz is now retired from the Surfing Industry and shares his time surfing South West and North West waves.

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