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1986 Nat’s Generous Legacy

Former Scarborough surfer Gary ‘Gooselegs’ Vaughan spent a lot of his youth surfing in the South West.

Gooselegs: “Former world surfing champion Nat Young left one of his ‘Fall Line’ model surfboards with WA shaper Greg ‘Pants’ Laurenson for the crew to try out in the resurgence of longboarding in the late eighties.
Nat encouraged the crew to get into it…..quite generous!
Bob ‘Bobbo’ Monkman had it at his place in Dunsborough at the time and passed it to me for my use.
I got greedy and used it forever (-:”

Editor: Apparently I saw Goose catch and surf that mal on one of the longest waves ever ridden at Yalls!

Photo: 1986 Goose with his Nat Young ‘Fall Line’ mal at Dunsborough. Photo courtesy of Donna Vaughan.

1986 Gary 'Gooselegs' Vaughan with his Nat Young's Fall Line Surfboard at Dunno - Donna Vaughan pic1

Goose now lives in Queensland with his wife Donna and calls Noosa First Point his home beach.

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