1970s Guillotine Surf Break

The SW’s Guillotine surf break was discovered and named by Dave Williams, Terry ‘Horse’ Williams & Kevin ‘Legs’ Merifield circa 1961.

Refer to Surfing Down South book for more details on the discovery of Guillotine.

Photos: 1970s Guillotine surf break. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan & Jim King.

1970s Guillotine lineup IMG_001

Photo: 1973 Barry Day and Gary Kontoulis (on knee board) wave sharing at Guillotine. Photo credit Tom Collins.

1973 Guillotine Barry Day & Gary Kontoulis - Tom Collin spic NVE00047

Photo: 1973 unidentified surfer on Guillotine right. Photo credit Ric Chan

1973 Guillotine unknown surfer - Ric Chan IMG_0046

Photo: 1974 Barry Day free surfing Guillotine right. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1974 Guillotine Barry Day - Ric Chan 005

Photo: 1974 Ian ‘Kanga’ Cairns free surfing Guillotine right. Photo credit Ric Chan

1974 Guillotine Ian Cairns - Ric Chan 015

Photo: 1975 young surfboard maker/male model Gary ‘Gaz’ Greirson leaving the water at Guillotine with one of his hand crafted single fin surfboards. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1975 Guillotine Gary Greirson - Ric Chan 004

Photos: 1970s Steve ‘Sheepdog’ Cockburn surfing Guillotine right in his colourful wettie. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970 Guillotine Sheepdog - Ric Chan 002