50s photographs

1950s City Beach memorabilia

WA surf pioneer Ray Geary and other ex City of Perth SLSC clubbies formed and ran the City Beach Board Club 1953-58. Refer to Surfing Down South book for more details of City Beach in the 50s.

Photo: 1953 surfing the North side of City Beach groyne on plywood Toothpick surfboards. Photographer unknown.

1953 City Beach groyne surfing Nth side

This City Beach photo shows the old coast road, tea rooms on the left, tent poles on the beach and surf club boat shed on the right. None of these structures exist today, they are extinct.

1953 storm surf City Beach groyne. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1953 City Beach groyne storm surf B Cole pic

Photo: 1954 beach erosion on coast road at City Beach pre building of Floreat rock groyne in 1959/60. The coast road was removed in the 1970s due to constant beach erosion. Photographer unknown.

1954 City Beach Erosion - unknown photographer

Image: 1957 Brian Cole (age 18) surfing City Beach on a homemade 10ft hollow ply wave ski. Image courtesy of West Australian Newspapers.

1957 City Beach Brian Cole 1st hollow 10ft Ply board - West

In 1958 there was a typhoid scare at City Beach. So local sign-writer Ray Geary made up Typhoid Club t-shirts for the City Beach Board Club boys.

Photo: 1958 Ray Gearys’ Typhoid T-shirts. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1958 City Beach Typhoid scare t-shirt by Ray Geary - Brian Cole pic IMG_06


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