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Surfside at Yallingup – History (Part 2 The later years)

Surfside History continues on from Surfside at Yallingup – History (Part 1 The early years).

Former Greirson Surfboards shaper Al Bean moved down south in 75. Al Bean (age 20) managed Surfside and the Yalls Beach Caravan Park from 1977 to 79. Al learnt to cook and employed local girls to help at Surfside. He also did a bit of grass slashing at the Caravan Park, but not much else. He did do a lot of surfing.

The Shutz family from Busso took over from Al Bean and managed the Surfside from 1980 to 1982.

Mark Hills: “The Shutz family sponsored Yallingup Board Riders Club. They changed the name to Surfside Board Riders and let us use the toilets at the back of Surfside as the Club’s clubroom.”

Former City Beach surfers Stewart & Craig Bettenay took over from the Shutz’s and managed Surfside store, rented holiday accommodation and sold Ampol petrol from 1983 to 87.

Stewart Bettenay: “I rented one of the duplexes off the Shutz’s late 1982 and then found out they wanted to get out of the business and that’s how Craig and I got involved in early 1983. We renovated Surfside and did all the painting, sign writing etc and built the front verandah ourselves.”

Photo: 1984 Surfside freshly painted with new verandah & Ampol petrol bowser out the front. Photo credit Stewart Bettenay.

1984 Yalls Surfside Cafe - Stewart Bettenay pic IMG.01a

Mark Hills: “It must have been 1988/89 when Lindsay Brady bought the freehold for Surfside, Bali Hai and the Surfside units. This is when Don and Bing Hancey with their partner Peter Clauson (from Karridale) took over the Surfside lease and the limestone wall was built. Surfside became a restaurant with the kiosk on the side closest to Hillzeez (former Bali Hai). This was a fantastic time period where Caves House was being run by Peter Willis and owned by Derick Gascoigne & the Sampson’s, Surfside was run by the Hancey’s and I managed Hillzeez surf shop. This is when the money started to move into Yalls.”

Photos: 1990 Yallingup (Left) Surfside additions prior to conversion to a Kiosk. (Right) Hillzeez Yallingup Beach Surf Shop. Photo credits Tania Hills.

1990 Hillzeez Yalls Surf Shop IMG_001

Mark Kransenstein: “The Surfside kiosk was run successfully by Susan ‘ The mother of Yalls’ Fullarton and the limestone wall was built by Tim Roberts for Neil Anderson & Lindsay Brady. During the 1990s tenants were complaining about the poor condition of the Lurch Cottage so Neil Anderson demolished the building and turned the duplex accommodation into a Gallery. When Surfside was sold in 2006, Peter Dyson moved the Gallery building to his 5 acre block in Howson Rise Yallingup. “

In the 1990s Peter Dyson and the King of Kuta (Bali) were partners in the Surfside tenancy. Peter in his snake skin boots added a karaoke machine to Surfside’s amenities. Peter picked-up turn-over and turned Surfside into a strong music scene with local musicians Vance Burrows, Gina Panone, Leon Thomasian & others playing at the venue. It was a vibrant night spot and rivalled Caves House in entertainment.

Peter Dyson then sold his share in Surfside to Neil Anderson.

Photo. 1990s Surfside wheelers & dealers. L-R Peter Clauson, Peter Kidd, Peter Shearer, Peter Dyson & Peter Davies. Photo credit Neil Anderson.

1990s Yalls Surfside L-R Peter Clauson, Peter Kidd, Peter Shearer, Peter Dyson & Peter Davies - P Dyson pic IMG_03

Images: 1998 Surfside Café & Kiosk promotion brochure. Images courtesy of Surfside.

1998 Surfside Cafe IMG_004a

Photos: 2004 Yallingup Yal Mal functions held at Surfside. (Left) Bow Tie & Boardie Ball L-R Paul Ennis & wife with Greg & Jo Laurenson. (Right) Contest presentations L-R Peter Dyson, Tony Harbison, Mitch, Kevin & Brett Merifield. Photos courtesy of Loz Smith.

2004 Yal Mal ball & pesentation at Surfside - Loz Pic IMG_001

Photos: 2005 Surfside Café outdoor area. Photos courtesy Jim King.

2005 Surfside Cafe IMG_005a

Photos: 2006 Surfside street trader (Left) Surfside Café & street trader. (Right) Wombat the fruit & vegetable seller from Bridgetown selling his wares outside Surfside. Photos courtesy of Peter Mac..

2006 Yalls Surfside Wombat fruit seller IMG_001a

In the 2000s Neil Anderson sold Surfside to Louise Durham and her father David (Dave ran Cape Selections shop in Dunno). Then David Rutherford entered a contract to buy Surfside freehold from Lindsay Brady (Pearl farmer in Point Samson) and the restaurant off Louise Durham. David planned to redevelop, but finance wasn’t forthcoming and after 18 months, it is understood that Lindsay sold the freehold to Glen Crimp. That was the beginning of the end for the Surfside complex.

Surfside served the Yallingup surfing community as Tearooms, Store, Petrol outlet, Restaurant, Café, Kiosk, Accommodation, Surf Shop & Art Gallery until 2006, when developers demolished the complex and built up-market holiday accommodation on the site.

Photos: 2006 Surfside complex prior to demolition. Top (Left) Surfside Café. (Right) Surfside Kiosk. Bottom (Left) Surfside Beach Shack (Right) Yamminee gallery. Photos courtesy of Peter Mac.

2006 Yalls Surfside complex IMG_006a

Photos: 2006 Surfside complex after demolition. Site of former Surfside Café, Kiosk & Yallingup Beach Shack. (Note the Yamminee gallery building was relocated prior to demolition). Photos courtesy of Dave Ellis.

2006 Surfside demise - Dave Ellis IMG_002

Surfside History continues with Bali Hai Surf Hut.

Refer to Surfing Down South book for more material on Surfside.

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