1960s Beach Girls

Female surfing became fashionable the early 60s when the lighter weight Malibu surfboards were introduced into Australia by the Americans. Popular US movie films like Gidget accelerated the movement.

Photos of female surfers appeared in Newspapers, Surf magazines and Beach Promotions.

In 1962 the Weekend News did a full page spread on a surf trip to Yallingup.

Image: 1962 Weekend Newsreel goes to Yallingup. Features boys surfing and beach girls Lyn Eastaugh and Jan Leaman. Image courtesy of Weekend News.

1962 Weekend News article on Yalls IMG_001

In 1963 Cottesloe surfers Tina Daly, Jeanne Abbott & Stefanie Meyers were members of the West Girls Board Club.

Photo: 1963 L-R Tina Daly, Jeanne Abbott & Stefanie Meyers photo shoot at Cottesloe. Photo courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1963 Cottesloe Tina Daly, Jeanne Abbott & Stef Meyer - WA Newspaper pic IMG_001

The inaugural WA State Surfing Titles were held in the South West at Easter in 1964.

Image: 1964 Women’s final competitors watching the men competing at Yallingup L-R Jeanne Abbott (17), Stephanie Meyer (17), Jenny Shackley (25), Teena Christon (14) & Tina Daley (16). Image courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1964 Yalls First State Surfing Titles - WA Newspaper pic ex Tina Daly 2

Scarborough surfer Jenny Shackley (25) the mother of two girls, won the inaugural State Women’s Surfing Titles from Stefanie Meyers. The Women’s final was held in good waves at Huzza’s surf break at Gracetown.

Image: 1964 WA State Champs heading to the Australian & World Surfing Championships in Sydney NSW. L-R Barry King, Alex ‘Zac’ Kochanowitsch & Jenny Shackley. Image courtesy of Daily News.

1964 Zac, Barry & Jenny leaving for NSW

In 1964 school girl Teena Christon from Miami Bay (near Mandurah) was a member of the Miami Surfinks Board Club. Teena went on to won three consecutive State Women’s Surfing Titles from 1965-67.

Photo: 1964 Teena Christon (14) surfing at Mandurah with her Len Dibben surfboard. Photo courtesy of Teena Christon.

1964 Miami Teena & surfboard img114

Photo: 1964 Sue McDonald (Peter Mac’s elder sister) and her friends sitting on the steps of the City Beach Tearooms. Photo credit Robyn McDonald.

Note: The wooden tea rooms were demolished in the 70s & replaced with a concrete kiosk.

1964 City Beach Tea Rooms Sue Mac & unknown - Robyn Mac IMG_0006

In the mid to late 60s Floreat siblings Gayle and Dennis Franks were a popular member of the City Beach Surf Riders Club. Gayle competed in Club & Inter-Club competitions and the 67 State Surfing Titles in the Women’s Division. Dennis’s forte was footy & socialising.

The photo on the right shows Gayle ‘Copper’ Franks modelling for a ‘Clean up our beaches campaign’ on City Beach. In the background are the City Beach Tea Rooms which were demolished in the mid-70s.

Photos: 1966 (Left) Gayle with Dennis’s & her surf board at Floreat. (Right) Gayle’s photo shoot at City Beach. Photo courtesy of Gayle Franks.

1966 Gayle Franks at City Beach collage_photocat

In 1967 the State Winter Surfing Championships were held at Isolated Reef south of Cottesloe.

Maureen Farrell from the Yallingup Board Club won the 67 Winter Championships after coming 2nd to Eleanor Proud in 66. Maureen won three consecutive State Women’s Titles from 1968-70. She came 2nd & 3rd in 66 & 67 the State Surfing Titles.

Photos: 1967 Women’s competitors at State Winter Surfing Championships (Left)  L-R Jan Stirling, Maureen Farrell & Carol McDonald. (Right) Maureen Farrell & other competitors leaving the surf. Photos courtesy of Carol McDonald.

1967 State Winter Titles Women - Carol McDonald pics collage_photocat

In the 60s young Tania Maisel (now Tania Hills) was a North Cottesloe girl. She won a beach bikini girl competition and her boyfriend was Cottesloe surfer Cliff Hills.

Her friend Tina Wilson (nee Daly) recalls: “The Beach Girl comp Tania won may have been Miss North Cottesloe. She wore a white bikini and WOW!!!! Tania has a great pic of her posing with a surf reel when she the won competition.”

Photo: 1967 Tania Hills (nee Maisel) & young Mark Hills (Hillsy) paddling in Yallingup lagoon. Photo courtesy of Cliff Hills.

1967 Yalls lagoon Tania & Mark Hills - Cliff Hills pic

In 1967 journalist Alan McIntosh featured a story on Cottesloe school girl Eleanor Proud (17) and other WA female surfers in Weekend Magazine.

Eleanor Proud was a member of Yallingup Board Club and won two State Spring Titles in the Women’s Division in the 60s. She also won the 66 Winter Championships and came 3rd in the 66 State Titles in the women’s div.

Image #1: 1967 Eleanor Proud (17) on the front cover of Weekend Magazine. Image courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1967 Eleanor Proud - Weekend Magazine1

Image #2: 1967 journalist Alan McIntosh’s article on WA female surfers. Courtesy of WA Newspapers

1967 Weekend Magazine article IMG_003

Photo: In 1968 WA Surf Photographer Greg Woodward captured this photo of Eleanor Proud of Cottesloe for Surf International Magazine. Image credit Greg Woodward.

1968 Elanor Proud ex Surf Intl