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Prive’s happy snaps

Ian ‘Prive’ Morris has lived in the SW since the 70s. He surfs & fishes when not selling houses for a living.

These are Prive’s happy snaps and comments.

Prive and the Army

In 1970 I was conscripted into the army to go and fight the war in Vietnam. Luckily I had a motor bike accident and burnt 2 holes in my right leg just above the ankle, before they could send me to the Puckapunyal base training camp. I couldn’t wear boots or gaiters because of the burns and spent 2 months in South Perth Community Hospital nursing my leg and then 6 months at Karrakatta Army headquarters convalescing. During that time I was going surfing on weekends to Yalls with my army haircut and jungle greens, hence the nickname ‘Prive’. I still ride my Harley motor bike today (-:

Photo: 1975 Bali holidays in Kuta with Guru.

Graham ‘Guru’ Leslie in Bali with original family that ran Komala Indah losmens. I was behind the camera of course.

1975 Bali Guru with original family at Komala Indah Losmens- Prive picIMG_0002

Photos: 1976 Sri Lanka

(Left) The picture of board quiver in Sri Lanka is history as the 3rd board from left is my 7’6” Cordingley. I left it there for kids to learn on and possibly return to Sri Lanka. It didn’t happen, but Tony Hinde (who started Pasta Point surf camp in Maldives) took the board and it became his favourite. When I saw Tony in the Maldives in 2010, he said “look at the board sitting on the roof rafters in the restaurant, that yours”…by then it was a relic, being 35 years old.

(Right) Skinny Prive in Sri Lanka in 1976 sitting in Raja’s Tea shop (local black magic doctor) at Arugum Bay between surfs. That was the only palm shack at the point..our hang spot..drinking Chi and eating sweet pumpkin and coconut curry..because there was nothing else, but bananas.

1976 Sri Lanka Prive at Arugum Bay collage_photocat

Photo: 1969 Scarborough social function.

Me and Pam Bedford (far right) and Bobby Burns, Darryl Henry and older brother John, girls unknown.

1969 Scarb Prive & Pam Bedford with Bobby Burns, Darryl & John Henry girls unknown - Prive IMG_0017

Photo: 1971 Scarborough social function.

Party goers include John Paterson, Boona, Pup, Mark Waller & others.

1971 Scarb John Paterson, Boona, Pup, Mark Waller & others - Prive IMG_0016

Photo: 1970s Yalls

(Left) Ricky Lobe and Alex Somaol sitting on VW in front of Andy’s shop.
(Right) Blackie the dog retrieving a brick from a tree.

Yalls Rick Lobe & Blackie the dog collage_photocat

Photos: 1972 Yalls

(Left) Car door has Mark Rudeberg, Sharon Day, Blue Nicholson, Bruce King and Peter McDonald crouching behind it.
(Right) Sharon Day and Blue Nicholson leaning on Prive’s blue HR panel van after another weekend trip to Yals.

1972 Yalls car door & Prives blur panel van collage_photocat

Photos: 1976 fancy dress party on Yalls hill.

(Left) Robbo, Peter Dyson & Prive. (Right) Peter Dyson & Prive.

1976 Yalls party Robbo Peter Dyson & Prive collage_photocat

Photos: 1984 Peter Dyson’s place at City Beach.

(Left) Peter & Prive having a beer. (Right) Peter in costume.

1984 City Beach Prive & Peter Dyson collage_photocat

2014 Yallingup Malibu Classic (Yal Mal). L-R Tony Smith, Prive, Peter Mac & Bruce King outside Shaana Café at Yallingup Beach. Photo credit Loz Smith.

2014 Yal Mal Tony Smith, Prive, Peter Mac & Bruce - Loz pic IMGP7423


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