A Pair of Kings by Mike Bibby

The King brothers Jim and his younger brother Bruce grew up in Subiaco and attended Subi Primary School.

Photos: 1950s Jim & Bruce ‘dressed to impress’ at Subi. Photo courtesy of Mrs King.

1950s Subi Jim & Bruce King collage_photocat

They started coming down south with their parents for holidays in the 1950’s staying at Hammond Cottages at Yallingup, Siesta Park and Hamlin Bay.

Photos: 1954 King Family SW Holiday. Photos courtesy of Mrs King.

(Top) Australind church & Yalls beach.
(Middle) Hammond Cottage Yalls hill & Caves House Hotel.
(Bottom) Hamelin Bay camp site & Hamelin Bay dhufish (Bruce & Jim modelling their mum’s homemade boardies) .

1954 SW holiday King family 1 collage_photocat

They started surfing in their early teens at City Beach and were members of the City Beach Surf Riders Club (CBSR) in the 60s.

Jim was CBSR President in 1968 & Captain of the club’s surf team in 1969. He was CBSR Senior Champion 1966-69 (Moss Bros Perpetual Trophy – Seniors).

Bruce was CBSR Junior Champion in 1967 (Moss Bros Perpetual Trophy – Juniors).

Photos: 1966 Jim & Bruce with Cordingley triple stringer & single fin surfboards at Subi (Jim’s board has a CBSR emblem & club colours on the bottom). Photos courtesy of Mrs King.

1966 Jim & Bruce at Subi collage_photocat

They started surfing down south around 1965 and have been regulars since then. The bros are now retired and live in the SW.

Photos: 1970s SW Images. Photos courtesy of Tom Blaxell, Tom Collins & King Bros.

(Top) Jim (Blaxell team rider) at Gallows and Kath & Jim King at Yalls. (Bottom) Kath paddling at Dunsborough & Bruce surfing the Surge (now known as Bubble).

1970s SW Images IMG_001

Jim represented WA at the National Surf Riding Titles held in NSW in 1968. He was runner-up to Rick Lobe in the 1970 State Spring Surfing Titles held at Trigg and won the Annual Trigg Point contest in 1970 (pre King of The Point). He was a State surfing Judge in the 1970’s and has surfed in Mexico, Hawaii, Bali and the Eastern States.

Bruce’s travels include many trips to the eastern states in the late 1960’s. In 1972/73 he travelled with Bob Monkman, Peter McDonald and Micko Gracie to South Africa (including J Bay and Cape St Francis) then went onto England, France, Spain and Portugal, surfing at many places. In 1976 he travelled to Mauritius for about 3 months, then back to South Africa, mainly surfing the Durban area before heading off to Swaziland, Rhodesia, Zambia, Botswana and southwest Africa. He become a bit of a ‘bombo boy’ and saw the wildlife. It was a bit scary at times mixing it with elephants, lions and crocodiles.

Image: This article written by Doug White and appeared in the Sunday Times in 1971, it could well have been written today.

1971 Sunday Times article by Doug White

Both are still keen surfers today on short and long boards.. Jim (age 69) is a natural footer & Bruce (age 66) is a goofy footer.

Photos: 2014-15 King Bros surfing SW waves. King bros pics.

(Top) Jim. (Middle) Bruce. (Bottom) Jim & Bruce.

2014-15 SW surfing collage_photocat

Jim collaborated with author Sue-Lyn Adrian-Moyle and Margaret River Press to publish the first comprehensive book on Surfing Down South. The book has been an outstanding success and led to the SDS website where Jim regularly posts his informative and entertaining blogs.

Image: 2014 Margaret River Times article by Rebecca Parish. Photo by Becky Felstead. Image courtesy of MR Times.

MR Times 14 Feb 2014 Scan cs

Photo: 2014 Author Sue-Lyn Aldrian-Moyle with attendees at Surfing Down South book launch at Vasse Felix Winery. Photo credit Loz Smith.

2014 SDS Book launch Vasse Felix

The book and the SDS website has not only revived old memories but has rekindled old friendships and acquaintances.

Jim has a large collection of vintage photos, videos and news clips of Western Australian surfing. His attention to detail, cross referencing and passion (some would say “obsession”) has created a permanent portfolio of surfing action over the past 60 years.

Both bros are keen amateur photographers and apart from their daily shots of surfing at Yallingup and surrounds, Bruce is a regular winner of the local newspaper photo competition with his wildlife and nature shots.

Photos: Mike Bibby’s wine bottle presentations to King Bros. Photos courtesy of Mike Bibby & King Bros.

(Left) 2014 Mike’s ‘King Bros’ wine labels. L-R Bruce, Mike & Jim. (Right) 2015 Bruce & Jim being presented with bottles of “The King” fine wine at Mike Bibby’s place in Yallingup.

2014-15 Mike Bibby wine presentations collage_photocat

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