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1964-65 Miami Surf Board Club

In 1964 surf photographer Tom Collins and his mates were members of the Miami Surf Board Club (MSBC) which was based at Falcon Bay near Mandurah. The club was registered as MSBC but members were known as ‘surf finks’ and they wore t-shirts with a rat and the words SURF FINKS printed underneath the rodent. Ronnie Flood did the t-shirts.

Surf Finks surfed local beaches including Miami Bay, Geary Shack, Avalon & Tim’s Thicket.

Tom Collins: “1964-65 it would be nice to remember all those magic days/years”.

Photo: 1964 sea weed heads, some of the founding members of MSBC L-R Derek Hilton, Alan Hilton, Wayne Huxley (decd) & Alan Nicholson. Photo credit Tom Collins.

1964 Seaweed pic L-R Derek Hilton, Alan Hilton, Wayne Huxley. (decd) Alan Nicholson some of the founding members Miami Board Club, Tom Collins NVE00081

Tom Collins rode a Dibben Cole balsa surfboard. It was a red colour & Tom put a face decal on the board. Later on his decals appeared on Jacko surfboards.

Photo: 1964 MSBC members & surf equipment. Photo credit Tom Collins.

(Left) Alan Nicholson & Wayne Huxley with Tom’s Dibben Cole balsa surfboard with face decal. (Right) the Hilton Brothers, Alan standing on Derek’s shoulders.

1964 MSBC Alan Nicholson- Wayne Huxley. Right Hilton Bros Alan top Derek bottom. Tom Collins (1)

Photo: 1964 MSBC members & surf equipment. Tom Collins pic.

Alan Hilton & Alan Nicholson with Tom Collin’s first Len Dibben board on the right.

1964 Miami Surf Board Club Alan Hilton & Alan Nicholson.Tom Collins

Pat Collins: “This photo of Miami Point would have been taken in the 60’s, as we were married in 68 and went to Albury NSW. Tom was stationed in the army there, he came home on compassionate leave for a few days, arrived Friday, married on Saturday and we were off across the Nullarbor in a lowered Vauxhall Viva on Sunday (taking it back for a mate). Exhaust system did not last long!!!!”

Photo: 1960s Miami Point at Falcon. Tom Collins pic.

1960s Miami Point Tom Collins

Photo: 1960s Surfing Avalon Point. Tom Collins pic

1964 Avalon Point Tom Collins 01

Photo: 1964 Tom Collins with Len Dibben surfboard at Falcon. Photo courtesy of Tom Collins.

1964-65 Mandurah Tom Collins with Len Dibben board NVE00080

Photo: 1964 Geary’s Shack line-up. Tom Collins pic.

1964 Gearys Shack Tom Collins NVE00086

In 1965 Dave Ellis was MSBC Senior Champion. Brian ‘Tom’ Collins placed 2nd and Wayne Huxley was 3rd. Teena Christon was MSBC Women’s Champion.

Photo: 1965 Tom Collin’s MSBC Senior Champion 2nd place trophy. Tom Collins pic.

1965 Miami Board Club Trophy Tom Collins 2nd Senior Champ

Photo: mid 60s Len Pill at Tim’s Thicket. Tom Collins pic.

1960s Tims Thicket Len Pill Tom Collins NVE00084

Photo: mid 60s Wayne Huxley at Tim’s Thicket. Tom Collins pic.

1960s Tims Thicket Wayne Huxley.Tom Collins NVE00085

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