1960-70s Geoff Culmsee

In 1961 Scarborough surfer Geoff Culmsee was a foundation member of the North End Board Club at Scarborough.

Photo: 1961 North End boys clowning around at Scarborough. L-R. M Darcy, J Price, unknown, Murray Smith, Geoff Culmsee & Gary Granery. Photo credit Murray Smith.

1961 Scarborough North End Board Club M Darcy, J Pinch, unknown, M Smith, G Culmsee & G Granery - MS pic

Geoff was attracted to SW and its waves during the 60s. In 1967 he helped build the North End Board Club shack at Prevelly in  the Margaret River region.

Photo: 1967 Marg River Prevelly. North End shack with Geoff Culmsee’s Land Rover out the front. Photo courtesy of Murray Smith.

1967 Marg River Prevelly Nth End Shack Geoff Culmsee Landrover - MS Pic4

Photo: 1970 Marg River Prevelly. North End shack in centre foreground.  Aerial photo by Jim Breadsell.

1970 Marg River Prevelly North End shack in foreground aerial view - Jim Breadsell pic

Photo: 1969 Geoff surfing Noiseys near Lefthanders at Cowaramup. Photo credit Jim Breadsell.

1969 Noiseys Cowaramup surfing Geoff Culmsee - Jim Breadsell pic.jpg

In the early 70s Geoff moved his family to the SW and started making Geoff Culmsee surfboards. Geoff made surfboards at several SW locations including a shed on his property at Eagle Bay (located near the Rocky Point track). He then teamed up with talented SW surfer Ralph Redman & started a fibreglass business in Clark Street Dunsborough which operated for 30 years.

Photos: 1971 Geoff Culmsee hand crafted single fin surfboard.  Photos courtesy of Phil Woods vintage surfboard collection.

1971 Geoff Culmsee design Paul Woods collection collage_photocat

Geoff is now a septuagenarian and shares his surfing time between SW and NW waves, similar to his mate Murray Smith.

Photo: 2011 Geoff checking outer reefs in the NW. Photo courtesy of Vance Burrow.

2011 Exmouth outer reef Geoff Culmsee

Photo: 2012 Geoff surfing in the NW. Photo courtesy of Vance Burrow.

2012 Geoff Culmsee Exmouth VB pic2