70s photographs

1972 Shooting a movie in the SW

In 1972 Surf Photo/Journalist Ric Chan took surfers Mick ‘Blackie’ Black & Russell ‘Quinie’ Quinlivan on a movie shoot in the SW.

The project had sponsors and car dealer John Hughes provided a 4wd vehicle for the movie shoot.

Image: 1972 Ric Chan’s Leisure column in the Sunday Independent Newspaper. Image courtesy Sunday Independent Newspaper.

1972 Ric Chan ex Independent column

Photo: 1972 Mick Black surfing at Lighthouse surf break near Cape Naturaliste. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1972 Lighthouse M Black - Ric Chan img238

Photo: 1974 Russell Quinlivan surfing Noiseys surf break near Grace Town. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1974 Noiseys Russell Quinlivan img341

Photo: 1972 Ric Chan competing in State Titles at Yalls. Photo courtesy of Ric Chan.

1972 Yalls State Titles Ric Chan surfing - Ric Chan img208

Photo: 1970 Mick Black surfing windy Yalls. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970 Yalls Mick Black Ric Chan img482

Video cassettes from Ric’s ’72 movie shoot have since been found at Graham Noakes’ scrap metal business in Margaret River. However, the movie was filmed on U-Matic analogue video cassettes which are now obsolete and we have been unable to find an U-Matic recorder to view the material.

Editor’s note: The late Russell Quinlivan told me the movie camera (loaned by a TV station) got wet taking water shots and the boys spent time in Bunbury drying & cleaning the equipment before returning it.

Ric Chan: “I don’t remember, but its nice to see I was there”.




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