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1960s Greg Wynne and ‘The Young Blaydes’ Band

In the 60’s North Beach brothers Greg & Michael ‘Spike’ Wynne were talented young surfers on the northern beaches. They attended Scarborough High School.

Older brother Greg was not a member of a board club, but Michael (formerly Scarborough Board Club) was an inaugural member of the North Coast Board Club formed in 1969.

Photo: 1965 Greg & Mike Wynne with Greg’s blue VW Kombi & surfboards at Beachton St North Beach. Photo courtesy of Wynne family.

1965 Wynne Bros Greg & Mike 17 Brighton St North Beach. IMG_0002

In 1968 the brothers turned to stringerless surfboards. These boards were 9’0” mals, not short boards and had very large 11” flexible fins which Mike had Rex Cordingley make especially for their boards. Mike designed the boards which are very similar to what Mike now rides except for weight. They had a slight concave at the nose, flattening out in the centre and a slight “V” bottom at the back.

Greg was featured riding his stringerless board at Trigg’s 3rd carpark in an article on ‘WA surfboard design’ by surf photographer/journalist Greg Woodward’s in Surfing International Magazine in 1968 (see image below).

Image: 1968 Greg surfing Trigg on his stringerless Cordingley surfboard. Image courtesy of Greg Woodward & Surf International Magazine.

1968 Gregl Wynne Trigg Surf International Mag - Greg Woodward pic

Greg Wynne was also a talented musician.

These are Mike’s comments on Greg’s musical background.

Greg started out singing at the Snake Pit at Scarborough when he was 15. He met Geoff Gibson at Scarborough and they formed a band when they were about 17. They played a lot of stomps back then and all the surfers had a ball. Greg lived with the Gibson’s for over 2 years when he was young, he had parental issues.

Greg played in all the top bands. Ray Hoff and The Offbeats in Melbourne, Russ Kennedy and the Littlewheels, The Clan, The Profile (John Eddy, Greg Wynne, Cliff Toll and Peter Anderson from The Troupadores) and many others.

From 67-68 he played in a local band called The Young Blaydes managed by Victor Kailis. Everyone said they were amazing. Everywhere they played, it was a full house. Sometimes the liquor squad would come in and make the night club owners tell people to leave, as the number of patrons outnumbered the allowable attendees for their liquor license. It was Perth’s most popular band at that time. They were in the era of The Times and Johnny Young and the Strangers. I remember one night at the Top of the Town night club, it was a sell-out and teenagers were out of control; girls crying, guys drinking excess etc. the atmosphere was electric. The Blaydes’ had the night of their lives.

Victor Kailis was a great manager. He dressed them in suits and ties like the Beatles. They had hair to match, with exception of Greg, he grew an afro…..Curley hair can’t be a Beatle!

Image: 1971 Victor James Entertainment advertisement featuring Victor Kailis. Image courtesy of West Country Surf Magazine.

1971 Victor James Entertainment advt - West Country Surf mag img246

The Young Blaydes Band Members:

Dave Aylett. Played rhythm guitar and was a vocalist. Dave wrote all the songs. He wrote Sunday Afternoon recorded by Clarion Records – the group’s first single. They had other singles, all had airplay with Keith McGowan on 6PR back in those days. Dave was a Cottesloe boy and surfer.

Greg Wynne. Played bass guitar and was the lead vocalist.

Terry Malone. Played lead guitar. Renowned classical guitarist Jose Feliciano, saw Terry play a 12 string classical guitar at a muso’s “jam session” one night in Perth at a Night Club after hours and told all present he was the best guitarist in the world bar none – big compliment! He went on to be Professor in Law at UWA. Smart, brilliant guy! I used to watch him play the “Kinks” lead guitar breaks with his eyes closed. He was wild or sick as the kids say today! Terry wrote most of the music for Dave’s songs.

Michael Byrom. Played drums. He also surfed and was a North Beach boy like Greg.
He hooked up with Karen Pini. She won a beauty contest and they lived in Qld for a while.

One day Dave Aylett, Victor, Greg and I went to Avalon for a surf. Dave was a super surfer. I had never surfed there before. The whole bay had sand in it and the lefts were breaking off the point and going all the way to the beach. I thought it was sensational. I have never seen it like that since and I surf it a lot.

The group broke up as everyone had their own personal agendas and it became too hard for Victor to manage them. Had they held it together, they really could have been a very successful band internationally.

Greg Wynne passed away on Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 5.20pm after a 6 month battle with Leukaemia. It was Father’s Day. (Michael was born on Father’s Day 1949). Greg left behind his wife of 39 years, Nancy and three children, Jamie, Simone and Adam.

Adam and Simone are both talented musicians. Adam is a prolific songwriter and record producer and plays guitar(s) and drums and mixes all the music and sings on all his records. Simone is a bass guitarist, the same as her father. So the legacy continues…

Victor Kailis now runs the new restaurant at Trigg’s Point and is a good friend of surfer John Balgarnie.

Mike Wynne.


Former North Coast Board Club (NCBC) member Errol Considine recalls ‘The Young Blaydes’ band.

Errol ConsidineMy brother Jeff was the first President of the NCBC… and he designed the first club logo & cut the silk screen at home for the t-shirts – which were chocolate brown with an orange logo….both very cool colours then. I think Jeff & Gooselegs came up with the ‘69’ thing – naughty boyz!
Jeff had the brain wave of a ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ stomp/dance (the movie was huge then with title song big on the hit parade world-wide) ….he designed and made the posters and we plastered Perth beaches with them….hired an old hall under the Perry Lakes stadium & got a liquor licence….HUGE mob dressed up and turned up, it was great fun and the Club made THOU$AND$. Greg’s band “The Young Blaydes” played at the Bonnie & Clyde stomp/dance.

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