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Early 1970s Bramley Hall party pics

In the early 1970s a party was held in Bramley Hall near Margaret River. Many SW and visiting surfers attended the function and had a great time, apparently. However, neither the party goers nor resident social photographer Ric Chan can remember much about the evening.

Margaret River resident Theo Mathews: “I cannot remember attending what looks like a fabulous party, but that is not to say I was not there”.

Photographer Ric Chan: “The Bramley party is a small murmur in my memory. I do recall it was a pretty HIGH night of super heavy revelling, but not much more than that.” Source: Surfing Down South book.

Ric’s Bramley party pics follow:-

Photo: Party scene #1

1969 Bramley party img842

Photo: Party scene #2

1969 Marg River Bramley party - Ric Chan 006

Photo: Party scene #3

1969 Marg River Bramley party - Ric Chan 010

Photo: Party scene #4

1969 Bramley party img862

Photo: Steve ‘Blue’ Nicholson & Bruce King party revellers.

1969 Bramley party Blue Nicholson & Bruce King - Ric Chan img860

Photo: Tony Hardy & Mark Wells.

1969 Bramley party Tony Hardy img854

Photos: (Left) Syd Tate & Marina, (Right) Chris Reynolds.

1969 Bramley Party Syd Tate & Chris Reynolds IMG_001

Photos: (left) Shaun Atkinson (Right) Harvey Wachtel.

1969 Bramley party Shaun Atknison IMG_002

Photos: (Left) Tex Branch & Rex Biddle (Right) unknown couple

1969 Bramley party Tex & Rex IMG_001

Photo: (Left) Peter Carter (Right) unidentified

1969 Bramley party Peter Carter IMG_001

Photo: Party boys #1

1969 Bramley party img857

Adrian WilsonIn the next photo in the middle with no shirt is my friend and old school buddy Gary Howard……Gary after a long career as a fire fighter is now very active in the fight to save Beelier Wetlands from the Roe 8 Highway development.
I remember these shows, but I’m not the one to comment on what they were like…basically I used to go to bed early…usually in the carpark at Margs in the back of my VW so I could be out at first light….some hours later the party boys would start appear…

Photo: Party boys #2

1969 Marg River Bramley party - Ric Chan 003

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