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Rich Myers’ Surf-Travel-Misadventures Trilogy Part #2

Yallingup water man Rich Myers lived on the island of Maui in Hawaii in 1979 and from 1984-95. During this time he travelled back & forth to mainland USA for surfing & sailing events. He also travelled to Mexico, Fiji, Cook Islands, South Africa & Yallingup (WA). In 1995 he sold his house in Hawaii and moved to Yallingup WA.

In the 1980s Rich was a pioneer wind surfing professional and won State Windsurfing Championships in California before winning three Aloha Classic World Wavesailing Masters Titles in Hawaii. He was also a professional model and rode dirt bikes.

This is second part of Rich’s Surf-Travel-Misadventures Trilogy.

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Part 2. California – Fiji – Mexico – Hawaii – Cook Islands – South Africa. (1980-89)

California – Malibu

Rich was ranked #1 Californian in International Wave Sailing Events 1982 & 1983.

RichIn the early 80s I ran a windsurfing school on the beach at Malibu. There were more girls there than you would believe……heaps of pretty valley girls!

I would introduce myself to the girls “Hi I’m Rich”, but they soon found out I was rich by name only. I was fun & harmless to the girls, so I got away with a lot of stuff. When one of my friends would try it, they would get slapped. Maybe it was because I grew up with so many sisters & girl cousins. My real, half & step sisters are Janet, Shauna, Diane, Tonya & Erin. I love them all & then came the perks, they had girlfriends and used me as a ‘tester’ before they went out with their boyfriends. Ha Ha!

Image: Early 1980s Rich’s Malibu wind sailing school. Photos courtesy of Rich Myers.

Top: Instructor Rich with students near Malibu pier. Bottom: Rich with California girls.

1980s Malibu California Rich Myers 4 collage_photocat

In 1982 Rich wrote an article on wave sailing at Malibu for Wind Surf Magazine. His photo was featured on the centre spread.

Image: 1982 Rich’s centre-spread photo & article in Wind Surf Magazine. Image courtesy of Brian Bielman.

1982 Malibu centrespread Rich Myers IMG_002a


In the 80s pro-windsurfer & top surfer Rich Myers was introduced to modelling through his windsurfing exposure in the USA. His image was featured in various US Magazines & Newspapers, covers, pictures, interviews & editorials.

He became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and appeared in TV commercials and had bit parts in ‘The Young & the Restless’, ‘The A-Team’ and TJ Hooker TV series. He was a feature surfer in surf movies ‘Follow the Sun 11’ and ‘Tales of the 7 Seas’. He also featured in windsurfing videos.

Photos: 1980-90 Rich modelling fashion and wind surfing products. Photos courtesy of Rich Myers.

1980s Rich Myers modelling 8 collage_photocat

Dirt Bike Riding

Rich rode dirt bikes in Baja California & the mountains in southern California.

RichI was into trail biking & jumps, but I only rode dirt bikes if the surf was no good.

Photos: 1980s Rich dirt bike riding in Baja California. Photos courtesy of Rich Myers.

1980s Rich Myers dirt bikes 5 collage_photocat

Fiji – Tavarua

In 1984 Rich and Pro windsurfer Susan Gedayloo were invited to Fiji by travelling US surfers Craig Peterson, Kevin Naughton & Dave Clark to promote Tavarua’s first surf sport oriented camp through Surfing & Windsurf Magazines.

Images: 1984 Surfer Magazine article on Rich’s Fiji surfing/sailing trip. Images courtesy of Craig Peterson & Surfer Magazine.

Top: Centre-spread featuring Rich Myers & Kevin Naughton.
Middle: Tavarua wave line-up & Johnny the fisherman.
Bottom: Rich surfing Tavarua reef break.

1980s Fiji surfing Rich Myers IMG_005a

Images: 1980s Fiji (Left) Windsurfing article featuring Rich & Susan Gedayloo. (Right) Rich Myers on the beach at Tavarua. Images courtesy of Rich Myers.

1980s Fiji windsurfing collage_photocat

Dave Clark & Scott Funk were the owners & proprietors of Tavarua Fiji.

Rich – Whilst I was there Scott Funk told me a tale of a super windy point in Baja California that was too windy for surfing every day. (Punta San Carlos). Wow, I planned to check it out as soon as I returned to the States. Brian Bielman & I found it on a Baja trip in 1984. It was the Eldorado of windsurfing. I wrote the first article on Punta San Carlos titled ‘7 Valleys to Punta Roca’ for California Windsurf Mag. I didn’t want to use its real name!

Mexico – Baja California

In the early 80s Rich Myers and his US windsurfing mates J Riddle, John Geyer & Craig Peterson (photo-editor Surfer Magazine) pioneered windsurfing in Mexico.

RichWe discovered the Isolte windsurfing site at Punta San Carlos. Later a windsurfing camp was set up there.

Image: 1980s Aerial photo of Isolte wind surfing site at Punta San Carlos. Image courtesy of Clark Merritt.

1980s Islote Punta San Carlos Baja California Rich Myers DSC_1336

Rich – Californian surfers J Riddle & John Geyer, Terry Lucoff (Zook) from Natural Progression Surfboards and John Price from Surfboards Hawaii were my mentors. All better surfers than me. I have huge respect for them.

I was as wild as the Wild West. I had a good heart, but needed guidance from my mentors. They let me be Rich, but ensured I stayed safe.

Photos: 1980s Rich enjoying life in Baja California with his surfing/sailing mates from the States. Photos courtesy of Craig Peterson.

Top: (Left) J Riddle, Rich & John Geyer. (Right) J Riddle, John Geyer, Rich & Craig Peterson. Bottom: Rich, J Riddle & John Geyer with sail/surf mobile.

1980s Baja California Rich Myers & mates 3 collage_photocat

Rich We loved Mexico as there were no rules. I always got on well with the locals!

Photos: 1980s Mexico happy snaps. Photos Craig Peterson & Sylvain Cazenave (Sports Photographer).

Top: Rich socialising in Mexico. Bottom: (Left) Brian Bielman, Rich & Gerard Franco. (Right) Rich with his local Mexican family & friends.

1980s Mexico Rich Myers social pics 5 collage_photocat

In the ‘80s International Wind Surf magazine published a story on Rich & his mates windsurfing at Baja California. Rich & the boys were featured on the cover of mag.

Images: 1980s windsurfing Baja California images courtesy of Wind Surf mag & Rich Myers.

Top: Wind Surf Magazine cover featuring Rich & the boys & Rich windsurfing Baja California. Bottom: Rich’s Jimmy Z & Streamlined windsurfing promotions Baja California. Right: Rich’s Rainbow Sandals advertisement California.

1980s Rich Myers wind surf pics 7 collage_photocat

In 1987 Rich attended a Legends Night held on the beach at the Punta San Carlos. Clark Merritt presented Rich with a drawing by Surfer Magazine cartoonist Rick Griffin, as a thanks for introducing him to the very special place at Punta San Carlos.

Images: 1987 Legends Night at Punta San Carlos .

Left: 1987 Legends Night photos & article by Art Brewer courtesy of Windtracks Journal. Right: 1980s Surfer Magazine drawing by cartoonist Rick Griffin.

1987 Mexico Legends Night collage_photocat

Images: 1980s Baja California social activities.

Top: (Left) Rich enjoying a game of cards on the beach. Clark Merritt pic. (Right) Rich’s gringo version of Atzec sundial. Craig Peterson pic. Bottom: (Left) Rich fixing his Datsun car. (Right) Rich Myers, Dave Terry & Jeff Higgenbotham. Rich Myers pics

1980s Baja California Rich Myers 07 collage_photocat

Hawaii – Maui – Aloha Classic World Wavesailing Championships

From 1986-88 Rich won three Aloha Classic World Wavesailing Masters Titles in Hawaii. He won in waves ranging from 2ft to 20ft. He also won a Maui Steinlager Grand Prix Masters Title in 1986.

In ’86 Rich won his Aloha Masters Title in huge waves at Ho’okipa Beach (means hospitality in Hawaiian) located on Maui’s north shore. The event hosted the largest waves ever ridden in any surf sailing contest to date.

Dave Terry US Wave Surf magIn the final Rich got the largest wave he had ever ridden, he dropped in and kept dropping…and dropping. As he raced the mountain to shore, he ran out of speed and the wave fell like Niagra Falls onto his shoulders. He didn’t come up for a long time. Then a hand waved. Rich had won…the Masters division, his life and the hearts of every young girl on the beach.

RichIn 86′ I nearly drowned in 30ft of pummeling whitewater.

Image: US Wind Surf magazine centre-spread image of Rich surfsailing a huge wave in the 86′ Aloha Classic held at Ho’okipa Beach Maui. Image courtesy of John Severson & Wind Surf mag.

1986 Hawaii Aloha Classic Rich Myers IMG_006

Images: Sequence shots of Rich Myers riding huge waves at the ’86 Aloha Classic. Photos courtesy of Erik Aeder & Rich Myers.

1986 Hawaii Aloha Classic Hoopika Rich Myers seq collage_photocat

Photos: 1986 Rich windsurfing Ho’okipa Beach in Hawaii. Photos courtesy of Rich Myers.

1986 Hawaii Hookipa Rich Myers collage_photocat

Rich Myer’s Wave Sailing Record.

1988 1st Place – Aloha Classic – Masters
1987 1st Place – SE- Aloha Classic – Masters
1987 2nd Place – Slalom – Aloha Classic – Masters
1986 1st Place – Citizen – Aloha Classic – Masters
1986 1st Place – Steinlager Maui Grand Prix – Masters
1986 1st Place – Costa Rica Fun Cup – Wave Event
1985 12th Place – Aloha Classic
1985 9th Place – Maui Grand Prix
1985 1st Place – Malibu Grand Prix
1984 2nd Place – Waddell Surf Tour
1984 1st Place – Texas – Ocean Magic Pan-Am – Wave Event
1984 1st Place – Pro-California Surf Tour – overall
1983 1st Place – Pro-California Surf Tour – Ventura
1983 1st Place – Pro-California Surf Tour – Jalama. 1st overall.
1983 2nd Place – Malibu Grand Prix
1982 3rd place – Malibu Grand Prix -6th Place overall
1981 Quarter Finalist – Maui Grand Prix
1981 1st place – Course Race – ORCA Surf Festival

Rich retired from pro-windsurfing in 1988 while he was at the top.

Cook Islands

In the mid 1980s Rich went on a windsurfing trip to the Cook Islands with Hawaiian windsurfer Peter Cabrinha. When the wind wasn’t right for windsurfing the boys surfed and went scuba diving.

Photos: Mid 80s Rich & Peter Cabrinha enjoying life in the South Pacific Ocean. Photos courtesy of Brian Stamm & Rich Myers.

Top: Rich scuba diving & fishing.
Middle: Rich dancing with a local girl and surfing.
Bottom: Rich & Peter Cabrinha with motor cycle cop and a road sign to everywhere.

1980s Cook Islands Rich Myers collage_photocat

South Africa

In 1984-85 Rich travelled to South Africa with the US/Hawaiian windsurfing team. Rich & his mates Craig Yester & Brett Likle were known as the ‘da bad boys’ of windsurfing.

RichWhile there Craig & I decided to do a bit of game hunting inside Kruger National Park (Brett took the pics). I donned my loincloth and we went hunting for an elephant with a small bow & arrow. Things didn’t work out as planned and the elephant charged us. The ground was rumbling & I thought we were goners, but luckily the elephant tripped over his trunk and we got away in our camouflaged hire car without being gored.

Photos: 1984 Elephant encounter Kruger National Park. Photos courtesy of Brett Likle.

Left: (Top) Rich & Craig Yester with camouflaged hire car. (Bottom) Craig & Rich with elephant. Right: (Top) Rich stalking elephant in loincloth with bow & arrow. (Middle) Tarzan Rich retreating from elephant. (Bottom) Charging elephant tripping over his trunk.1984 South Africa elephant hunt Rich & Craig collage_photocat

RichI have never planned anything, it just happens!

Rich Myers’ Surf-Travel-Misadventures Trilogy Part #3
Yallingup WA 1990-present



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