1970s Huzzawouie surf break

Huzzawouie (Huzza’s) reef break is located in Cowaramup Bay at Gracetown in the South West. It works on a large swell and is sheltered from the prevailing south west winds. Huzza’s has been surfed since the early 60s.

For more background & earlier images click on this SDS link – 1960s Vintage Huzzawouie Images

Photo: 1970s Cowaramup Bay southern surf breaks. L-R South Point, Huzza’s and Boris’s. Photo credit Jim King.

1970s Cowaramup Bay J King pic

Photos: 1970 Celebrities at Huzza’s beach. (Left) WA model Jane Priest (Right) WA surfboard manufacturer Tom Blaxell.
Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1970 Huzzawouie celebrities 2 collage_photocat

Photos: 1970 NZ surf photographer Ric Chan preparing to paddle out at Huzza’s on Blaxell single fin board. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1970 Huzzwwouie Ric Chan collage_photocat

Surf photographer Ric Chan took the following water shots with his water proof Nikonos camera.

Photo: 1970 Huzza’s water shot of take-off zone. Photo credit Ric Chan

1970 Huzza water shot - Ric Chan pic 008

Photo: 1970’s Huzza’s water shot of unidentified surfer. Photo credit Ric Chan

1970s Huzza water shot - Ric Chan pic 008 (4)

Photos: 1971 SW surfers Al Fixter and Ian Mitchell surfing Huzza. Images courtesy of Country Surf Mag & photographer Rob Farris.

1971 Huzzawouie Al Fixter & Ian Mitchell - Country Surf Mag - Rob Farris

Photo: 1973 Mick Black cuttie at Huzza. Photo credit Ric Chan

1973 Huzza Mick Black Ric Chan DSC00023

Photo: 1976 Huzza’s line-up. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1976 Huzzas line-up - Ric Chan 005

Huzza Cliff Tragedy
In 1996 a tragedy occurred at Gracetown when five adults and four children were killed in a cliff collapse while watching a school surfing carnival held at Huzza’s. The victims were sheltering underneath a rock overhang at the base of the limestone cliff during a rain storm when the cliff collapsed without warning. A memorial to the victims has been erected at the site.